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CMAST Improvement Project 2013-2014

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CMAST Improvement Project 2013-2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CMAST Improvement Project 2013-2014 . Report to the CMAST Advisory Task Group August 13, 2013. Updates. Balloted Items . Update Label Certificate - still targeted for completion September 13, 2013 pending today’s discussion

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cmast improvement project 2013 2014

CMAST ImprovementProject 2013-2014

Report to the CMAST Advisory Task Group

August 13, 2013

balloted items
UpdatesBalloted Items
  • Update Label Certificate - still targeted for completion September 13, 2013 pending today’s discussion
  • User Interface Improvements - completed July 26, 2013 – implemented with next installer (September, 2013)
  • Update Bid Report (analysis phase) – still targeted for completion October 11, 2013
  • Implement Batch Approval Process – still targeted for completion November 8, 2013
application infrastructure stability
UpdatesApplication Infrastructure Stability
  • Training server was reset and ACE and Simulator workshops happened in June.
  • Staging server was patched and rebooted as a test for adding the Production server to backups. Production server will be updated this coming weekend.
  • Update Server DB – Dbase software is being upgraded to use SQL Server 2012, which should assist with keeping the product (CMAST) technologically current
modifications scheduled tasks
UpdatesModifications/scheduled tasks
  • An update to correct the search function for Label Certificates was implemented
  • User Interface changes were made and tested.
  • The initial detailed analysis for replacing the current Label Certificate was completed in preparation for LC changes scheduled for September.
  • The CMAST Advisory TG page on the community website was updated with the most current lists per the TG request.
  • The FAQ page on the NFRC CMA Support & Information page was updated.
label certificate changes

Label Certificate changes

Need decisions for CMAST changes to continue

low e on lc how to determine in cmast
Low-e on LC, How to determine in CMAST
  • Option 1: Simply have CMAST user make low-e declaration in client
    • May be difficult to program
    • Inspections/audits would confirm during reviews
  • No industry definition of low-e by value
low e on lc how to determine using cmast
Low-e on LC, How to determine using CMAST
  • Option 2: Let CMAST search based on IGDB emissivity, sides 1 and 2
  • Set a low-e threshold?
    • NFRC 100 section
      • e < 0.5
    • LBNL using e < 0.3 in Comfen
low e on lc
Low-e on LC
  • Staff recommends user make declaration
    • Ensure only truly low-e products are marked as such
    • Audits/reviews would ensure accuracy
  • Any threshold would be risky to include or exclude truly low-e products
  • Suggestion: do we need to indicate low-e?
    • Counter to NFRC fundamental purpose
    • Does not help with code compliance
    • Prescriptive tables require maximum U-factor and SHGC
metal category on lc
Metal Category on LC
  • TG Choices indicate metal for metal clad products
  • IECC and ASHRAE 90.1 do not agree
metal category
Metal Category
  • Staff recommends non metal be assigned to metal clad frames to match code requirements
  • TG preference?
proposed billing changes

Proposed Billing Changes

TG Feedback needed

proposed billing changes1
Proposed Billing Changes
  • Discuss proposed billing changes
    • CMAST was programmed to only bill for approved components. This is not aligned with the NFRC 704 Fee Schedule. We have proposed to the BOD that we bill for all components, regardless of status.
    • Are there any exceptions that should not be billed, such as validation components?
  • Discuss the list and exceptions with the CMAST Advisory TG.