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the colony of new jersey a new colony n.
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The Colony of New Jersey A New Colony PowerPoint Presentation
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The Colony of New Jersey A New Colony

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The Colony of New Jersey A New Colony
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The Colony of New Jersey A New Colony

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  1. The Colony of New JerseyA New Colony

  2. Governor Nicolls and Albania • Richard Nicolls became the governor of the Dutch colony of New Netherland in 1664. • He gave part of the colony that was west of the Hudson River the name Albania which is today called New Jersey. • He gave this part of the colony this name in honor of the Duke of York who was also the Duke of Albany in England.

  3. Governor Nicolls and Albaniacontinued… • Governor Nicolls wanted more settlers other than the Dutch, Swedes, and Finns who already lived there. • He invited people from other colonies in America to come live there, he told the new settlers that they would have great freedom in Albania, they would have the right to make their own laws.

  4. Governor Nicolls and Albaniacontinued… • Albania had great farm land, clean rivers, many forests, and a good climate. • Soon, many settlers began to come to Albania. • Settlers from Long Island bought land from Indians living in Albania, this land was located in what is now Union County, and land near the Raritan Bay which is now Monmouth County. • Once these new settlers began to move to their new land in Albania, they made more towns resulting in more settlers to move, making Albania grow.

  5. Lord Berkley and Sir George Carteret • On June 23, 1664, the Duke of York gave land in the new colony to new other people, Lord Berkley and Sir George Carteret. • The Duke of York gave these men all the land in American between the Hudson River and Delaware Rivers, and named this land New Jersey after the island of Jersey in England.

  6. Governor Phillip Carteret • After Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret were given the land of New Jersey, they became proprietors which means owner. • These two men chose a relative of George Carteret to be the governor of New Jersey, this governor’s name was Phillip Carteret. • What every happened to Richard Nicolls? Wasn’t he the governor of Albania?

  7. Governor Phillip CarteretContinued… • In 1665, Philip Carteret arrived in America. • He told Richard Nicolls that he was the governor of New Jersey. • Richard Nicolls was shocked, he has not gotten a letter telling him about Berkeley and Carteret, and he already named the land Albania!

  8. Governor Phillip CarteretContinued… • Richard Nicolls was very angry and wrote a letter to the Duke of York, but he would not listen. • The Duke of York claimed that the land west of the Hudson River was New Jersey and the new governor was Phillip Carteret.

  9. Governor Phillip CarteretContinued… • The Governor had many things to tell the colonist. • He told the colonist that they would have religious freedom. They would be free to follow their own religion. • The colonist were also told that they were allowed to have their own assembly which is a lawmaking group made up of elected people.

  10. Governor Phillip CarteretContinued… • The Governor also brought unfamiliar news to the colonist. They were to pay tax on the land they owned. Tax is money paid to the government or to the people who rule the land. • The land tax would be collected every year starting in 1670 and the money would go to the New Jersey proprietors.