Musculo skeletal systems
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Musculo -Skeletal Systems. Chapters 7 & 8. Word Roots. Myel /o bone marrow; spinal cord Osse /o; oste /o bone. Word roots cont’d. Chondr /o cartilage Cost/o rib Spondyl /o vertebra Thorac /o chest Vertebr /o vertebra. Word roots cont’d. Acetabul /o acetabulum

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Musculo skeletal systems

Musculo-Skeletal Systems

Chapters 7 & 8

Word roots
Word Roots

Myel/o bone marrow; spinal cord

Osse/o; oste/o bone

Musculo skeletal systems

Word roots cont’d

Chondr/o cartilage

Cost/o rib

Spondyl/o vertebra

Thorac/o chest

Vertebr/o vertebra

Word roots cont d
Word roots cont’d

Acetabul/o acetabulum

Arthr/o; articul/o joint

Lei/o smooth

Muscul/o; my/o muscle

Rhabd/o rod-shaped; striped; striated

Tendin/o; ten/o tendon

Word roots cont d1
Word roots cont’d

Kyph/o humpback

Lord/o swayback

Scoli/o curved


-blast immature

-centesis surgical puncture to remove fluid; aspiration

-clasis surgical fracture or refracture

-dynia pain

Suffixes cont d
Suffixes cont’d

-clast breakdown

-desis surgical fusion; surgical binding

-genesis formation

-malacia softening

-sarcoma malignant tumor of connective tissue; smooth muscle

Suffixes cont d1
Suffixes cont’d

-physis to grow

-porosis porous

-asthenia no strength

-clonus turmoil

-ion process of

-thermy heat

Suffixes cont d2
Suffixes cont’d

-kinesia movement; motion

-trophy nourishment; growth

-thermy heat

-plasia development; formation


Ortho- straight

Endo- within

Peri- around

Sub- under


TKR total knee replacement

TMJ temporomandibular joint

EMG electromyography

ROM range of motion

RICE rest, ice, compression, elevation

Skeletal attachments
Skeletal Attachments

  • Ligaments

    • Bone to bone

  • Tendons

    • Muscle to bone