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Medical Spanish Final Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Medical Spanish Final Project

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Medical Spanish Final Project
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Medical Spanish Final Project

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  1. Medical SpanishFinal Project Professional Portfolio

  2. Objectives: Professional Portfolio NOTE: The contents of your portfolio must be in Spanish. The objectives of the Professional Portfolio project are: 1. to synthesize and organize the information learned throughout the semester as a resource that may be consulted in the future 2. toguide the student in reflection on the specific application of the knowledge learned in this course in their future career as a health care professional 3. to assess student mastery of the grammar and vocabulary learned in this course

  3. Overview/ Project Instructions Use this power point presentation as a template for your portfolio.Upload your presentation to the D2L Dropbox “Professional Portfolio”before the specified due date. 1. Use the following slides to organize your portfolio as a presentation.Keep in mind that this document will be read and viewed. Therefore, your slides will include more information than you will actually present in class. 2. Each student will have 5 minutes to present. Remember, you will be present an overview of your work in class, not every detail. 3. It is strongly suggested that you refer to the grading rubric as youcreate and format the contents of your Professional Portfolio.

  4. Part 1: Professional Autobiography Describe where you will be working, in what capacity, and outline 3 situations that would require your Medical Spanish skills. This narration should not exceed 200-300 words. Questions to consider: 1. Will you be working as a nurse, doctor, or physician's assistant? 2. Do you plan to seek a position at a hospital, clinic, or in private practice? 3. Do you plan to seek a position where you will be working with a low income population? 4. Does your professional plan include other community service such as mission trips or volunteering in the local community? 5. Why were you motivated to learn medical Spanish and how do you foresee applying the knowledge and skills learned in this course in your future career plans and community service?

  5. Part 2: Situational Possibilities Elaborate 3 situational possibilities related to your area of expertise in your future role as a health care professional. Describe the situations. (Use the dialogues at the end of each chapter as models.) Each example should be elaborated on a separate slide and should not exceed 100 words. Questions to consider: 1. Do you plan to work in obstetrics, pediatrics, or gerontology? 2. What are some of the common patient needs in your area? 3. Refer to case studies in the text for this course (or other nursing/ health care courses) for ideas, and elaborate 3 situations in which your patient is Spanish speaking. 4. Consider your own experiences in training or the field as resources for creating your situations.

  6. Part 3: Strategies Compile a list of questions, advice, and health recommendations corresponding to the 3 situations described in Part 2. These should serve as a script /guide for your role in an exchange with a patient that is a native Spanish speaker in your future professional context. You may use questions from your mock medical interview and the dialogues at the end of each chapter as models. Please use a separte slide for each situation. Questions to consider: 1. Is the situation a case of an acute need or general check-up? 2. If the situation is a general check-up, what are the important points to include for this particular case? 3. For each situation, please introduce yourself as a health-care professional and include questions to collect demographic information from your patient. 4. Each situation should include advice for preventative health attitudes and behaviors and follow-up ancillary services. 5. Please include concluding remarks as outlined in Chapter 10.

  7. Part 4: Staged Encounter Select one of these situations and make plans with a native speaker to act out this situation as a staged medical encounter (approx. 3 min.) This should be video taped and uploaded to youtube.(You may use the staged interviews on the dvd as models.) Points to consider: 1. This activity should be a collaboration with your native speaker partner that does not disclose personal information. I suggest networking with the international student population and Spanish faculty in selecting a native speaker to collaborate with you. I will be happy to help you find a partner if you don't have one in mind. 2. You will be taking the "script" for one of your hypothetical situations and working with your native speaker partner to produce responses to the questions. Use their expertise and honor their preferences- flexibility and control over how one is represented matters and will be appreciated.

  8. Part 5: Resources Include a list of 3 resources (found online or services available in our community) for Spanish speaking patients to improve health literacy and wellness. • _________________________________________ • _________________________________________ • _________________________________________