ad hoc committee on general education n.
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Ad Hoc Committee on General Education PowerPoint Presentation
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Ad Hoc Committee on General Education

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Ad Hoc Committee on General Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ad Hoc Committee on General Education
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  1. Ad Hoc Committee on General Education Update to the Faculty Senate 07 Nov 2013

  2. Charges • Examine our current general education program in light of recent innovations in such programs around the country in order to determine if changes should be recommended. The committee may want to consider findings from the Association of American Colleges and Universities and programs at similar institutions that have been described as innovative and effective. • Examine the learning outcomes that should be addressed by the general education program. This includes an examination of our current outcomes and those of other innovative programs. • Recommend ways in which to better integrate the general education learning outcome across disciplines and curricula. • Recommend ways in which to help students appreciate the goals of the general education program. • Recommend a system by which the general education program can be assessed with the purpose of continual improvement.

  3. Committee Members

  4. Four Phase Plan • Establish a working definition. • Develop student learning outcomes. • Develop a structure to accomplish the student learning outcomes. • Develop a communications and marketing plan.

  5. Working Definition Western Michigan University’s general education program serves two primary purposes. The program provides a foundation for baccalaureate-level communication, quantitative reasoning, information literacy, and critical thinking as well as providing a breadth and balance of learning which enables students to become capable and responsible citizens of a culturally diverse society in a complex world.

  6. Western Michigan University Graduate Lifelong Learning/ Capstone Experience Specialized Learning/ Major Breadth & Balanced Learning Oral & Written Communications General Education Quantitative Reasoning Information Literacy Critical thinking

  7. Academic Affairs Strategic Plan Strategy 1.1: The faculty will continually examine curricula and course content, including general education, to ensure that the following skills, knowledge, and attitudes are integrated into undergraduate education: • Global understanding and sensitivity • Communication skills • Critical thinking • Environmental sustainability • Diversity and inclusion • Civic and social responsibility • Health and wellness • Quantitative and reasoning skills • Artistic literacy • Information literacy

  8. FOUNDATION • Oral and Written Communication  • Critical Thinking • Quantitative and Reasoning Skills • Information Literacy                                        BALANCE & BREADTH • Global Understanding and Sensitivity • Environmental Sustainability • Diversity and Inclusion • Civic/Social Responsibility and Ethical Behavior • Health and Wellness • Artistic Literacy

  9. Developing Learning Outcomes • AAC&U Rubrics • Other Institutions • Professional Societies • Using Bloom’s Taxonomy or Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy Overall Result will be specific to WMU

  10. Potential External Consultation • Other Institutions • Grand Valley State University • Michigan State University • North Dakota University • Oregon State University • Portland State University • University of South Carolina • Stanford University • Workshops • Academic Impressions- Reforming Your General Education Curriculum, Jan 29-31, 2014 • AAC&U Institute on General Education and Assessment, Jun 3-7, 2014

  11. Faculty Input Please email Janice Anderson at Subject Line: General Education Input