You need to be in groups of five or more
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You need to be in groups of five or more. Self-Edit. Excerpted and adapted from “Brilliant Revision Worksheet”. Note to paper authors. You are about to put a lot of work into this paper. Grumble silently.

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Self edit


Excerpted and adapted from “Brilliant Revision Worksheet”

Note to paper authors
Note to paper authors

You are about to put a lot of work into this paper. Grumble silently.

By the time your paper gets to me, it should be as near to perfection as you can make it.

1 st read
1st read

Review your thesis. Give yourself something to prove. If the thesis is obvious, then there is no reason for the reader to continue with the rest of the paper.

Underline all literary devices explained (i.e. setting, characterization, atmosphere, structure, figurative language, etc.)

2 nd read
2nd read

  • Cross out the words “you” and “I.”

  • Cross out all weak language like “I think” or “I believe.”

3 rd read
3rd read

Read through it again. Make sure all your verbs are present tense.

Eliminate run on and fragment sentences.

4 th read
4th read

  • Be sure that “it’s” is used as “it is” and that “its” shows possession.

  • Be sure that “there,” “their,” and “they’re” are used correctly.

5 th read
5th read

Use the author’s complete or last name when you refer to him/her.

Underline the title of full-length works (if we were typing this, you’d italicize them).

Peer edit

Peer Edit

Silent time – if you are talking, you’re not giving enough of your attention to the work.

Instructions for peer editors
Instructions for peer editors

Write your name on the top of the paper next to a number indicating which peer editor you are.

You may find it easier to read through once, highlighting all the issues of the types you’re looking for, and then making suggestions next to those areas afterwards.

If you do highlight, try to use a different color for each editor.

If you see any misspellings, circle them (regardless of which editor you are).

Comments may be made directly on the author’s paper.

Peer editor 1
Peer Editor 1: ___________

Look for weak words that don’t embody the idea. An outstanding paper has powerful vocabulary that stimulates the reader and conveys the intended meaning in an interesting and natural way. Give suggestions.

Look for weak sentences that don’t flow well or are too long to make any sense. An outstanding paper has an easy flow and sentence sense that makes the text easy to read aloud. Give suggestions.

Pass your paper to the right1
Pass your paper to the right.

Peer editor 2
Peer Editor 2: ____________

Look for language or sentence structure that is too informal for an academic essay. Fix it.

Look for big statements that are not supported. These statements should either be cut or developed. Make suggestions.

Peer editor 3
Peer Editor 3: ______________

Look at the structure of the essay. Should the paragraphs be switched around? The piece should have a strong sense of direction, balance, and flow. This is more complicated than it sounds in this essay that may use many different quotations. They should be artfully woven together.

Look at the transition sentence at the beginning of every body paragraph and the conclusion. Does it link the two paragraphs in a logical and fluent way? Give suggestions.

Peer editor 4
Peer Editor 4: ____________

Look at the introduction. It should be inviting and should make a statement that is beyond the obvious, that has to be proven. Make some evaluative comments.

Look at the conclusion. It should be satisfying and should not simply repeat the introduction. Make it thoughtful and leave the reader with a new idea to ponder. Make some evaluative comments.


  • Read through your comments and reflect:

    • What you did well

    • What you still need to improve on

  • If you need clarification from an editor, ask quietly.

  • Read through the rubric and score yourself against the each criterion.

More reflection
More reflection

  • Review the comments for your specific question.

  • Reflect on how you performed in comparison. Score your paper again (next to the boxes).

Your final draft must be
Your final draft must be:

typed with proper MLA formatting

submitted toEdmodo (group code: 6g14tf) before the start of class:

You must also return your rough draft and self/peer editing.

If i were you
If I were you:

  • I’d spend some time this weekend going through my notebook/journals and organizing everything that is relevant to:

    • Paper 1

    • Paper 2

    • Writing in general (since both papers are writing assignments…)

  • Don’t throw everything else away; store it until the end of the year. But if you don’t need it for the exams, you won’t need it until after the exams.

Homework due next class
Homework (due next class):

  • Read the sample paper 1 essays

  • For each:

    • Score using the correct rubric

    • Provide rationales for each score.