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Online Umpire Exam 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Online Umpire Exam 2012

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Online Umpire Exam 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Online Umpire Exam 2012
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  1. Online Umpire Exam 2012 ASA National Office Ver. 1, 1/24/2012

  2. Option 3 If you have never been on the Register ASA, Please click here to update or create an account. Continue to next slide for this option. Option 1 If you are a returning user, please enter information here. Continue to slide 5 for this option. Option 2 If you have registered with ASA in the past 2 years, try and use the “Forgot you Username” and/or “Forgot your Password” links. Note that you should check your email junk folders just in case our message to you was flagged. If you do not receive an email, please create a new profile (option 3).

  3. If you have never registered with ASA, you cannot obtain the necessary information to use this screen, or if you have not received any email reminders, please click here to create a new account. Continue to next slide for this option.

  4. Create New Account Fill out all necessary information on this form. Please give accurate information. Make sure that you keep a record of the username and password entered on this screen. Make sure that you have checked the Umpire Role in the “Membership Type” section before you submit. Once Submitted, navigate to to log in. Continue to next slide for this option

  5. Login to Register ASA Login Here

  6. Homeplate & Personal Steps Here is the link to the Umpire Exam. If your link does not appear, please refer to the Troubleshooting portion at the end of this document.

  7. Umpire Test On this page you will select your test type from a list and enter your test code given to you by your UIC. (If you are not sure about what version you should be taking, please contact your local UIC.) Your code must match the one we have for you or you will not be allowed any further. To start the test, click the “Start Test” button. **Note** At any time you may stop and resume this test at a later time without losing any of your answers. Options

  8. Buttons Inside the Test These buttons will be located at the bottom of each page for navigation through the test. Each page has 10 questions. This button will be located on the last page of the test. Once clicked (with all questions answered), you will no longer have access to the test questions

  9. **Note** At this time, an email has been sent to your local UIC. Please contact him/her for more information regarding your test. Results Finished!! This page will give you an overview of how you did on the test. In the section marked “Questions Missed”, you will be able to see the questions you missed along with your selection. To return to your Homeplate, click here.

  10. Troubleshooting • If you do not see the link for the umpire exam, please go to your profile by clicking the “Profile” link and see if the Umpire box is selected under “Membership Type”. • If it is checked, unselect it and save your profile. Once the save is complete, recheck the Umpire role for “Membership Type” and resave your profile. • If it isn’t checked, please select the Umpire role for “Membership Type” and save your profile. • Please return to you Homeplate ( and see if any change have been made. **Note** If you continue to have problems accessing the exam, please contact your local UIC.

  11. Thank you for participating in our online Umpire Exam. -- ASA National Staff