organic farming n.
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Organic farming

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Organic farming - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Organic farming. Keith Vella 4.4 St.Ignatius College, Handaq. Definition of organic farming. Organic farming is a method farming where agricultural products grow in an environmentally friendly.

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organic farming

Organic farming

Keith Vella


St.Ignatius College, Handaq

definition of organic farming
Definition of organic farming
  • Organic farming is a method farming where agricultural products grow in an environmentally friendly.
  • Organic farming is even a sustainable way with the minimal use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers.
  • This helps not just the crops but even the environment because if you spread many pesticides you are damaging the environment.
  • Organic farming is a principal, and not an end product.

You can see if the products are organic by checking out if these products have the label of organic farming.

aims for these products
Aims for these products

The aim is not just to have pesticide free products but even to have a product that has been made by environmentally friendly.

Many people choose these products not just because it is healthier and the taste is better but even because it is safer.

advantages of organic farming
Advantages of organic farming
  • The first good advantage which is one of the important is that the organic farming is safer because pesticides and artificial fertilizers can be bad for you even though that it is on fruits and vegetables.
  • The second good advantage is that organic farming does not use any pesticides which this is bad for environment so organic farming is good for the environment.
Another advantage is that organic products have a better taste even tough may says that they has the same taste
disadvantages of organic products
Disadvantages of organic products.
  • One of the disadvantages of organic products is that organic products is more expensive so people that don’t know what’s the difference from organic and non-organic choose the cheaper products.
Another advantage is that organic products is less popular and non-organic products is more found in supermarkets etc.