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Georgia Tzenou, EKT/NHRF

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Georgia Tzenou, EKT/NHRF. 1. 1. Regions of Knowledge under FP7 (*Info provided by the European Commission) 2. TRANS REG NCP services 3. Research-driven clusters: success stories. Georgia Tzenou, EKT/NHRF. Regions of Knowledge (RoK) FP7 new regional dimension, under “Capacities”

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1. Regions of Knowledge under FP7(*Info provided by the European Commission)2. TRANS REG NCP services

3. Research-driven clusters: success stories

Georgia Tzenou, EKT/NHRF


Regions of Knowledge (RoK)

  • FP7 new regional dimension, under “Capacities”

Specific Programme CAPACITIES

  • Research Infrastructures
  • Research for the benefit of SMEs
  • Regions of Knowledge: 126 Meuro
  • Research Potential
  • Science in Society
  • Support to the development of coherent research policies
  • International Cooperation


Georgia Tzenou, EKT/NHRF


Regions of Knowledge (RoK)

  • Development of regional ‘research-driven clusters’ to:
  • Strengthen regions’ capacity for investing in RTD and carrying out research activities
  • Produce research strategies that contribute to regional economic development


Georgia Tzenou, EKT/NHRF


Research-driven cluster under FP7-RoK Triple helix:

  • At least one research entity, one business entity and one regional authority from the same geographical region
  • Other actors (consultants, associations, etc.) and actors from different geographical area additionally to triple helix


Georgia Tzenou, EKT/NHRF


Open CALL: REGIONS-2009-1

  • Trans-national cooperation of regional research driven clusters
  • Participants
  • Consortia of at least 3 regional research-driven clusters from 3 different Member States or Associated countriesCoordinator : either a regional authority or a fully fledged RDC (with legal entity)
  • Enhancing the sustainable use of natural resources and of the natural and man-made environment, covering four themes:
    • Water management,
    • Forest management
    • Soil and land management
    • Waste management
  • … in support of the Lead Markets Initiative


Georgia Tzenou, EKT/NHRF


Open CALL: REGIONS-2009-1

Deadline for submission : 27/01/2009

Budget: 16,1 Meuro (1-3 Meuro per project)

Duration: up to 36 months

Financing rate: up to 100 % of eligible costs

Funding scheme: CSA –CA, coordinating action

…and synergies with Structural Funds to reinforce R&D investment


Georgia Tzenou, EKT/NHRF


Open CALL: REGIONS-2009-1

  • Analysis, development and implementation of research agendas
  • Mentoring of regions with a less developed research profile for capacity building (compulsory)
  • Initiatives to improve integration: definition of joint action plans, business plans – following SWOT analysis and definition of RTD needs
  • Measures towards the implementation of the JAP
  • International cooperation activities (optional)
  • Dissemination activities
  • but:

- JAP finalized during the first half of the project

- Implementation of JAP/research not funded under RoK


Georgia Tzenou, EKT/NHRF


Expected impact/outcome

  • Regional economic growth and competitiveness through the definition of strategies integrating research
  • Response to the needs of regional business communities
  • Mobilisation of local, national and community funds (including SF) to implement defined regional action plans in support of regional economic development
  • Increase in and more effective investment in R&D
  • Inclusion of more regions into the ERA

Georgia Tzenou, EKT/NHRF


1. Regions of Knowledge under FP72. TRANS REG NCP services

3. Research-driven clusters: success stories

Georgia Tzenou, EKT/NHRF


TRANS REG NCP Network Who We Are:

  • European Network of National Contact Points for FP7 – RoK programme
  • Consortium of 11 National Contact Points, representing all 36 NCPs Regional
  • Partners from PL (Coordinator), RO, GR, BG, ES, DE, FR, LV, TR, LT, IT
  • 4-year project, co-funded by EU FP7

Georgia Tzenou, EKT/NHRF


TRANS REG NCP Network Who We Are:

Coordinator: IPPT PAN, Poland

DisseminationEKT, Greece

Networking & Knowledge Transfer MER-NASR, Romania

Support to trans-national cooperation MES CRA, Bulgaria

Trainings CSIC, Spain

Georgia Tzenou, EKT/NHRF


TRANS REG NCP NetworkWhat we target at:

  • Provide high level services for information and support to potential participants
  • Reduce the entry barriers for less experienced regional actors
  • Enhance partnerships between different regional players
  • Disseminate good practices and successful examples of research driven cluster
  • Encourage synergies with other EU policies/networks for an integrated approach to the cohesion of regions in Europe.

Georgia Tzenou, EKT/NHRF


TRANS REG NCP NetworkWhat We Offer:

  • Comprehensive information for the programme (up-to-date information on the website, e-newsletter, FAQs, etc)
  • Partner Search Facility: tool to promote trans-national cooperation among regional authorities, research organizations, enterprises, throughout Europe
  • Success stories: successful examples of research driven cluster in Europe and third countries
  • Information on complementary EU policies: links and contacts for other funding sources, Networks, etc.
  • Dissemination at European level: promotion of research clusters in European events, electronic publications, etc.

Georgia Tzenou, EKT/NHRF


Find on

  • Funding opportunities
  • Supporting documents
  • Success stories
  • Partner Search Facility
  • RDC Database
  • Links & Sources
  • News & Events

Georgia Tzenou, EKT/NHRF


Partner Search soon online!

  • Dissemination of validated proposal ideas
  • Promotion of trans-national cooperation between regional clusters
  • Benchmarking/exchange of know-how among clusters

Georgia Tzenou, EKT/NHRF


Our Newsletter

  • Calls Updates
  • News & Events
  • Online Publications
  • Promote your own activities !



Conferences & Workshops

Present in high level European events:

  • Euroscience Open Forum

(Barcelona, July 2008)

  • Open Days(Brussels, October 2008)

Workshops on research-driven clusters:

  • Experts presentations, conclusions, tips online!

1. Regions of Knowledge under FP72. TRANS REG NCP services

3. Research-driven clusters: success stories

Georgia Tzenou, EKT/NHRF


Success story in Agrofood

RAF Regions: Bringing the Benefits of Research to AgroFood SMEs

of the Regions of

Greece - Central Macedonia


Bulgaria - Pazardjik

Consortium: Technology Consultants

Regional Authorities, SME Associations, Research Entities

Coordinator: Euroconsultants, GreeceProject: 30 months, 880.000 €


Success story in Agrofood

RAF Regions Results

  • Identification of key players and competencies in AgroFood
  • Development, transfer and take-up of knowledge and research results for the AgroFood Industry
  • Assessment of Regional AgroFood RTD needs
  • Elaboration of Action Plan
  • Facilitation of the efficient programming and use of FP7, CIP, SFfunding
  • Collaboration with European regions and projects(Food Cluster Initiative, FINE project, Food Valley organisation, ETP Food for Life)

Success Story on Life Sciences


Regions from Denmark, Germany, Poland, Finland, Latvia, Estonia

Coordinator: ScanBalt, DenmarkProject: 30 months, 871.995 €

* Info from project’s presentation in the Open Days event, Brussels, 2008


Key Deliverables:

  • Identifying barriers between academic research and SMEs, by analysis of:- Regional Innovation Strategies - Regional IP Bottlenecks - Regional Financing Bottlenecks
  • Create and Implement a Joint SME Innovation Agenda
  • Develop Shared SME Support Services between clusters
  • Initiate a Top of Europe Life Science Foundation/Network
  • Implement IP-Indicators and business models in 2 existing networks
  • Develop/Implement a Scoreboard model for cluster impact on regional economy * Info from project’s presentation in the Open Days event, Brussels, 2008