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VMASC Industry Association

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VMASC Industry Association
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VMASC Industry Association

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  1. VMASC Industry Association Promoting M&S Excellence since 1997 Jack McGinn Chairman, VMASC Industry Board of Advisors November 14, 2013

  2. Topics • Industry Association Members • VMASC Board of Advisors • BOA Members this past year • BOA/Industry Association Emphasis • Current Actions by the Association • Marketing Video • MSVE Scholarship • Textbooks • M&S Reference Materials • Speakers Series • Corporate Demo Area • Membership Dues • 2013 Budget • 2014 Budget • Do the region’s M&S small businesses need a coordinated, common voice? • Working with VMASC • Suggestions?

  3. Industry Association Members # - New member since November 2012

  4. VMASC Board of Advisors • Composition • 9 Elected members • At-Large members • Emeritus members • Meets monthly with Dr. Sokolowski • 1st Thursday • BOA Chairman meets with Dr. Sokolowski monthly • 3rd Thursday • Minutes distributed to members monthly

  5. BOA Members this past year • Elected • Jack McGinn – Chairman, TREC, Inc. • Tom Cole – Vice Chairman, DDL Omni Engineering • Jason Bewley, Immersive Solutions Corp. • *Josh Jackson, SAIC • *Craig Langman, GD-IT • Mike Melo, ITA International • Frank Munoz, Booz Allen Hamilton • Dr. Stephen Parker, TASC Inc. • *Brian Teer, Alion Science and Technology • At-Large • Bob Armstrong, NCCMMS (Cooperative appointment with NCCMMS) • Emeritus • John Dannon, Lockheed Martin • Dr. Tom Mastaglio, MYMIC LLC * Seat up for election this year

  6. BOA/Industry Association Emphasis Role of the BOA • Serve as advisors to the VMASC Executive Director and shall perform such other duties under which VMASC is associated Role of the BOA as defacto head of the VMASC Industry Association • Assist member companies in getting exposure to business opportunities and adjacent M&S markets

  7. Current Actions by the Association • Produced a short video to show the value of M&S in our daily lives – est $7,500 • Distributed to the Commonwealth’s leadership, academic institutions, and other local leaders as well as to VIPs hosted by VMASC. • Plan is to update this in CY14 • Support of the ModSim World Conference - $5,500 • Makes it possible for a number of ODU undergrad M&S students to attend the conference and events at no cost. Plan is to continue this support. • Support of ODU’s MSVE Capstone Conference - $2,500 • Scholarship for a rising sophomore in the MSVE degree program -$5,000 • MSVE Textbook purchase, MSIM 205/281, spring 2014, $3,760.50 • Provide funds for M&S reference materials - $2,000 • Quarterly Speakers Breakfast series • Corporate Demo Area

  8. Marketing Videohttp://www.vmasc.odu.edu/VIA.html • Last year we developed a video that shows a sample of industry member capabilities • Thanks to: • Tom Mastaglio, Jason Bewley, Thomas Reese • Production cost: $7,353 • DVD copies: qty of 450made for $1,300 • CY14: Update the video to include testimonials from users of M&S products • Similar distribution as last year

  9. Video Distribution

  10. MSVE Scholarship • “The Gene Newman Scholarship presented by the VMASC Industry Association” • $5,000 scholarship from the VMASC Industry Association • Undergraduate student enrolled in the MSVE Department • $2,500 for Spring semester; $2,500 for Fall semester • Funds for the fall semester are contingent upon the student making satisfactory academic progress in the BS-M&SE program. • Total cost: $5,264 • Due to admin costs associated with the ODU Educational Foundation • Target group • Engineering Fundamentals Division students taking the “Introduction to Engineering” course in the fall semester • MSVE wanted the scholarship to have some influence on this group, hoping to capture a very bright student that is still on the fence

  11. MSVE Scholarship • Letter of Commitment • The funds will be administered by the MSVE Department Chair or his designee • VMASC Industry Association recognized at the $5,000 level member of the BCET’s Corporate Circle • Prominent placement on College print materials acknowledging Corporate Circle • Recruiter-in-residence provided by ODU CareerLink • Link from www.eng.odu.edu to our website • Poster-size logo displayed in BCET • Engage with engineering students through invitation-only Corporate Circle events • Post announcements to Corporate Circle Communications Center • Inclusion and communication from ODU Business Gateway on continuing educationopportunities • Engagement with engineering students through invitation-only Corporate Circle events • Status • Promoted to both ENGN 110 sections (over 200 students enrolled in each) on September 24th/26th • The faculty were given a copy of theflyer • Hard copies were available in the MSVE office • The flyer is also posted on MSVE internet front page • Application due date: November 1st • Award Notification: November 15th • Acceptance Deadline: December 1st • Recipient must be enrolled as a FT student, good academic standing, M&SE degree program at ODU

  12. Textbooks • The VMASC Industry Association will provide funds to purchase textbooks for students enrolled in MSIM 205/281 in spring 2014 • December • Enrolled students will be informed that the course textbook will be provided to them free of charge • Mid-December/Early-January • VMASC Industry Association sticker placed on textbooks • January • Textbooks distributed to students on the first day of the class, January 14, 2014 • Will try to get University Relations to provide coverage either on the 1st or 2nd day of class with the instructor of MSIM 205/281 to provide a “short feature” story on the donation of the textbooks • Textbook: Kelton, et. al., “Simulation with Arena” • If students drop or withdraw, they are expected to return the book to MSVE • Students not expected to return the book upon successful course completion • Estimated cost: $3,760.50 for 23 books

  13.  M&S Reference Materials • The Industry Association will provide funds to purchase M&S Reference books/journals/periodicals • VMASC and MSVE will provide a list of the proposed materials • They will be housed in the MSVE department, VMASC, and/or ODU’s Perry Library • They will be for materials not available digitally • Usage rate will be assessed after a year to see if it makes sense to buy additional materials • Labels will be developed for application to these materials to credit the VMASC Industry Association • Cap of $2,000

  14. Speakers Breakfast Series Concept • Bring in people of power, influence, and/or intellectual stimulation with an association with Modeling, Simulation, and/or the application of those technologies in an informal interactive environment for the purposes of potentially expanding the business domain of VMASC Industry members.

  15. Speakers • 2011 • 30 Mar: Tim Baker, SES, Tech Director and Business Manager, JWC • 24 Aug: Monica Shepherd, SES, Vice Deputy Director for Joint and Coalition Warfighting, Joint Staff J7 • 19 Oct: *Ed Merkle(invited), Director of Port Security and Emergency Operations, Virginia Port Authority. • 12 Dec: Scott Rigell, US Congressman, VA 2nd District • 2012 • 6 Apr: Greg Knapp, SES, JWC J7 • 12 Jul: Simon Nance,Mgr of Learning & Development with STIHL, VA • 10 Dec: Dr. James Koch, Board of Visitors Professor of Economics, President Emeritus at Old Dominion University • 2013 • 8 Feb: Bob Armstrong, Program Director, National Center for Collaboration in Medical Modeling and Simulation • 7 Mar: John Broderick, President, Old Dominion University • 20 Jun: Craig Quigley, Executive Director, HRMFFA • 22 Aug: Karen Jackson, Virginia Deputy Secretary of Technology

  16. Corporate Demo Area • Thanks to Thomas Reese • The area is a feature during VIP walk-throughs throughout the year • Presentation materials can be as sophisticated or unsophisticated as desired • i.e., From hardware to poster boards and print material • Coordinate with Thomas

  17. Membership Dues • The dues structure was reviewed and decreased starting in CY13 • Invoices to be sent out soon • Large (>$50M): $4,000 • Medium ($10M - $50M):$2,000 • Small (<$10M): $ 500 • Same dues structure for CY14

  18. 2013 Budget • Anticipated expenses for rest of CY • General Membership meeting catering: ~$1,000 • December Speakers Breakfast: ~$450

  19. 2014 Budget

  20. 2014 Budget • Textbooks • Currently for 1 class/1 semester, ~$4,000 • Should we extend that to 1 class/2 semesters? • Reference Materials • Initial look; $2,000 cap • Will review at end of next year to determine use • MSVE Scholarship • Currently 1 award, $5,000, over 2 semesters • Concurrence on intent to award annually? • Keep as undergrad only? • Marketing Video Update • Any volunteers to help with this effort?

  21. Do the region’s M&S small businesses need a coordinated, common voice? • Yes? • No? • If yes, how and by whom? • Point brought up in recent BOA meeting • There is not a lot of coordination of small businesses in Virginia • There is not a common voice for the small business M&S industry segment • How should all of these interactions come together • It is hard in this environment for small businesses to start up • If valid, need someone/some people with the drive, business savvy, and resources to do this • If so, what would they be expected to accomplish?

  22. Working with VMASC • You get out what you put into it • Get to know the researchers • They have constraints with what their money can be used for • They may have IP that can be taken to market • Are you in the right position to take it to market? • Participate • The association is only as good as the sum of its members efforts

  23. Suggestions from the floor for improvement?