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Peregrine falcon

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Peregrine falcon
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Peregrine falcon

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  1. Peregrine falcon by AJ Ms. Weinberg

  2. Peregrine Falcon

  3. Why I chose my animal? I like my animal because it is a bird and it can fly really fast. I also like it because it is cute.

  4. appearance The peregrine falcon has awesome characteristics. This falcon has big talons to catch prey. It has big wings so it can fly fast. It is brownish grey so it can camouflage in some rocks. The falcon’s talons help it survive in the wild and help it catch prey.

  5. habitat Do you know where peregrine falcons live? They live on cliffs and buildings. They have a good view of everything. This bird lives in South Africa. It is a good place to catch prey and gives food to the people. They live in a good place where they can hide from predators.

  6. Diet • A peregrine falcon has a special way of eating other birds. Its favorite prey is pigeons, songbirds and shore birds. It eats in mid-air and rarely in his or her nest. When the babies come, he or she brings the food back. This special way can help a falcon a lot and any other bird catch their prey.

  7. Family • Peregrine falcons have very important eggs. They lay one to three eggs. It takes two or three months for the eggs to hatch. If the mom or dad sits on the eggs they will crack. When the eggs crack scientists take the birds away and let them free. This is how a peregrine falcon’s family can survive in the wild.

  8. Predator/Prey/Adapt • Danger! Danger! Stay away from that owl! This bird hides from owls on cliffs and buildings. It hides from owls, wolfs and DDT. It wants to feast on big birds like pigeons and really small birds like songbirds. Owls are the biggest threat for this falcon, so stay away from them.

  9. Interesting facts There are some interesting facts about a peregrine falcon. This falcon is stable in the wild (meaning it is easy to find.) It makes a nest on a cliff so it has a good view of everything. It lives to less than 20 years and its nest is made out of grass and twigs. It is good that a peregrine falcon is not rare to find, and I would be happy to be one and live on a cliff.

  10. Photo Gallery

  11. About the Researcher My name is AJ Marto. I live in Kenmore, WA with my family. I love being a student and I like my teacher. I like playing soccer and playing video games, but I don’t enjoy walks and hikes. I also love birds and parrots. I have two little love birds. I am looking forward to telling you a bit about my animal, the peregrine falcon.