inside of a peregrine falcon egg n.
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Inside of a Peregrine Falcon Egg PowerPoint Presentation
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Inside of a Peregrine Falcon Egg

Inside of a Peregrine Falcon Egg

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Inside of a Peregrine Falcon Egg

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  1. Inside of a Peregrine FalconEgg In this PowerPoint you will learn how a Peregrine falcon develops inside of the egg! By: Julia and Jezreel

  2. The Mother’s Role About three hours after fertilization the single cell starts to divide into 2, 4, 6, 8, 16, and so on. This continues until many cells are grouped in a small whitish spot, visible on the upper surface of the egg yolk.

  3. Inside The Egg • It take 32 days for the baby falcon to go from a single cell to a bird. • As the baby develops it gets very crowded inside the egg! This is a chicken developing, not a falcon, but you can see how crowded it is.

  4. The Formation of Main Parts • The cell formation of the bird starts after incubation. The blood vessels bring oxygen to the baby falcon and take carbon dioxide away. It also absorbs albumen (egg white) used as food by the baby falcon, and calcium from the shell for bones and teeth. • The main processes that occur are respiration (breathing), nutrition (eating), excretion (getting rid of waste), and protection. The yolk is another source of food while the baby is inside the shell. The amnion is a transparent sac filled with colorless fluid which provides protection and lets the developing baby falcon exercise.

  5. Hatching The eyases have their head tucked under their wing inside the shell. In about 32 days the baby falcon starts moving around in the egg. The “hatching muscle” runs from the top of the head to the middle of the neck. The “hatching muscle” contracts at the end of incubation. The head snaps up and makes a tiny hole with the egg tooth. The egg tooth scrapes against the shell cutting a ring around the end of the egg….. And with one strong kick the baby falcon is out!

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