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  2. HISTORY & PURPOSE Beta Alpha Psi is a national honorary organization for future financial information professionals. • Since 1919, BAP has grown from 11 members to over 300,000 (12,000 of which were welcomed just last year). • The Washington State University, Delta Epsilon Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi is focused on providing professional and service activities for its members and facilitating professional and personal self-development. This chapter strives to achieve more than the minimal requirements and reach Superior Chapter status as stated on the nation Beta Alpha Psi website (

  3. HISTORY & PURPOSE Continued • As stated on the national Beta Alpha Psi website ( • “The primary objective of the organization is to encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the business information field. This includes promoting the study andpractice of accounting, finance, and • information systems; providing • opportunities for self development, • service, and association among members and practicing professionals, and encouraging a sense of ethical, social, and public responsibility”.

  4. BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP • Interacting and networking with industry professionals at weekly meetings • Learning about careers in accounting and the firms that recruit at WSU • Tips on the job search process • What to expect in a campus/office interview • Resume, cover letter, and thank you letter tips • Interview etiquette and dress

  5. BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP Continued • Meeting and networking with other students majoring in accounting. • When to interview for internships/full time jobs • Participating in professional and service activities that can be included on your resume.

  6. SUMMARY OF MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS – ACADEMIC • Students who have taken, or are currently enrolled in, a 300 level accounting course and who have achieved both cumulative and accounting GPAs of 3.0 or better are eligible candidates. Individuals that have successfully completed candidate requirements are formally initiated into the organization the semester following candidacy.

  7. SUMMARY OF MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS – ACADEMIC Continued • Students who do not meet GPA requirements or are not enrolled in an upper division accounting class can still attend Beta Alpha Psi meetings as an Accounting Club member. (See Accounting Club requirements) • Students who are only interested in attending occasional presentations • (two or fewer) are welcome to attend meetings as visitors. (See Visitors section)

  8. DELTA EPSILON CHAPTER OFBETA ALPHA PSI BAP CANDIDATE REQUIREMENTS (per semester) All candidates must meet these minimum standards and fulfill these requirements to successfully initiate. NATIONAL REQUIREMENTS 1) Grade point average (from all collegiate institutions attended) Accounting GPA: 3.0* Overall GPA: 3.0* *If your GPA is lower than a 3.0, then you may join the Accounting Club. • Must at the time of initiation, have completed a 300 level accounting class. (You may be a candidate while taking Accounting 330) • Must pay a one time initiation fee (see Dues ) 4) Uphold national constitution and by-laws (

  9. CANDIDATE REQUIREMENTS • Perform10hours of campus or community service activities through Beta Alpha Psi • Attend 8 of the Wednesdaymeetings 4) Attend Spring Banquet

  10. BAP MEMBER REQUIREMENTS (per semester) Members desiring to maintain their active status will fulfill the chapter requirements of: • Perform 6 hours of campus or community service activities through Beta Alpha Psi • Attend 8of the Wednesday meetings

  11. OUTSIDE HOURS Candidates and members are encouraged to participate in extra service and professional activities outside of Beta Alpha Psi. These activities will count toward total chapter hours and help the chapter reach superior status, but will NOT replace chapter requirements! • A maximum of 5 non-Beta Alpha Psi service hours can be counted per year. A maximum of 5 non-Beta Alpha Psi professional hours can be counted

  12. DUES BAP Candidates - $55 one time initiation fee + $20/semester or $35/yr. BAP Members & Accounting Club - $20/semester or $35/yr. **Due October 9th, 2010**

  13. WSU ACCOUNTING CLUB • Must be taking or have completed a 200 level accounting class • Attend 50% of the Wednesdaymeetings • Pay membership dues ($20/semester or $35/year) • Perform 3 hours of campus or community service activities

  14. VISITORS Visitors are those individuals that would like the opportunity to attend less than 50% of the meetings and socials without the associated professional or service responsibilities and/or have not yet attained the appropriate class standing to qualify for Beta Alpha Psi or Accounting Club. Visitors must still pay dues of $20/semester or $35/year

  15. Upcoming Application Deadlines: INTERNSHIPS: • KPMG: Aug. 28 • Deloitte: ??? • PricewaterhouseCoopers: Aug. 27 • Moss Adams: ??? • Clark Nuber: Sept. 18 • BDO Seidman: Sept. 22

  16. “Meet The Firms Friday” September 9th – CUB Ballroom Panel Discussion Begins @3:30pm ‘The Solid Candidate’ Appetizer Social Firm Information Tables (Available from 4:30- 5:30pm) Firm Representatives want to get to know you! Top 4 Accounting Firms, Top Regional Accounting Firms, Corporate Firms and Governmental Agencies will be there! Sponsored by Beta Alpha Psi Accounting, MIS and Finance

  17. WSU ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT’S BOWLING WITH THE FIRMS V SEPT 10th at Zeppoz 8:00a.m. to 11:30a.m. Cost: $10 Food, Fun & Networking too! Sign up in the Accounting office Todd 242 TODAY!