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OfficeTimer Feature Highlights

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OfficeTimer Feature Highlights - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OfficeTimer Feature Highlights

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  1. OfficeTimer Feature Highlights Time sheet Expense Sheet Project Management Billing and Invoice Management Reports Testimonials

  2. Time sheet

  3. Time Sheet Periods Set Different Time sheet Periods for different Employees • Daily Timesheet. • Weekly, Timesheet. • Bi-Weekly Timesheet. • Semi-Monthly Timesheet. • Monthly time sheet.

  4. MoreTime Features - 1 • Enter timesheets in day view or in period view. • Copy Timesheet from a previous timesheet. • Export Timesheet to a CSV file. • Import Timesheet entries from a CSV file. • Managers can add, edit and delete timesheet on behalf of other users.

  5. MoreTime Features - 2 • Audit Trail • Classify logged time as standard time, overtime etc., • Timer Control / Stop Watch. • Enter timesheet in Time Format (HH:mm) or in Decimal format ( • Option to enter start time and end time in timesheet. Duration is automatically calculated. • DCCA / Sarbanes Oxley Timesheet.

  6. Timesheet policies Define time sheet policies – rules can be set for the following parameters • Minimum hours per day. • Minimum hours per period. • Maximum hours per day. • Maximum hours per period. • Workable days in a week. • Lock submitted and approved timesheet.

  7. Timesheet Reminders and Notifications Notifications are sent to Users / Managers / Administrators for following timesheet events • Time sheet Entry Pending notification to every user. • Time sheet over due notification to every user. • Timesheet approvals pending notification to managers. • Timesheet approved notification to users upon their timesheet approval. • Option to turn off notifications.

  8. Timesheet Approval Paths Choose who approves the time sheet for every project. 6 types of approval paths available. • Administrator. • Project Manager. • Employee Manager. • Team Lead. • Specific Employee. • External Client. • Any one or combination or alternates of these paths can be chosen for approval.

  9. Time Entry Week-View • Time entry week view with approval status icons.

  10. Time Entry Day-View • Time entry day view with approval status icons.

  11. Time Entry Week-View (With start/end time) • Start and End Time can be enable in timesheet using OfficeTimer application preferences.

  12. Time Entry Week-View (With Client selection enabled) • Client selection can be enabled using option available in OfficeTimer application preferences.

  13. Timesheet Period Customization • Timesheet period customization supports 5 types of periods with different validations. Following period types can be customized by admin as per their own requirements. • Daily Timesheet • Weekly Timesheet • Bi-Weekly Timesheet • Semi-Monthly Timesheet (Configurable semi-monthly period start day and end day) • Monthly Timesheet (Configurable month start day and end day)

  14. Timesheet Approval • Five different types of customizable approval workflows. • An approver can be either manager, team lead, project manager, external client user, any specific employee and administrator. • Alternate Approver.

  15. Timesheet – Time Off Entries • Time Off Management with fully customizable accrual engine. • Users can enter time offs in timesheets. • Users can request for time off in advance and submit for approval. • Manage time off policies – Different policy for different employees. • Track time offs and validate time offs.

  16. Time Off Request • Time Off Request in advance allows your supervisors to schedule around time when you will be away. Time off request will automatically display in your timesheet under the heading "Time Off"

  17. OfficeTimer Time Off Policy • A full customizable Time-off policy management tool.

  18. OfficeTimer Holiday Management • A full customizable Holiday management.

  19. Expense Management

  20. Expense Management 1 • Expense Entry with reimbursement tracking. • Receipts attachment with expense entry. • Enter Expense in one Currency and Claim reimbursement in another. • Inbuilt exchange calculator. Define your own exchange rate for different periods of time.

  21. Expense Management 2 • Expense approval workflow. • Complete tax management. • Powerful reporting. • Billable / Non-billable tracking.

  22. Expense Entry

  23. Expense Approval • Five different types of customizable approval workflows. • An approver can be either manager, team lead, project manager, external client user, any specific employee and administrator.

  24. Project / Task Management

  25. Project Tracking And Management • Project / task tracking. • Project phases/ milestone management. • Management of project resources.

  26. Task ManagementAnd Tracking • Full hierarchy based task management. • Billable / non-billable task tracking. • Phase based task setup.

  27. OfficeTimer Dashboard • OfficeTimerdashboard screen with my tasks and my reports tasks list.

  28. Billing and Invoicing

  29. Billing Rate Management • Four different types of billing rate selection options at project level. • OfficeTimer also allow history based billing rate in order to apply date range based billing rate. • Employee own billing rate (Pick billing rate defined in employee profile). Useful when your employees or contractors are working in same billing rate even for multiple project. • Project based employee billing rate (Pick billing rate defined for each separate employee / contractor at project level) Useful when contractors or employees are working with different rates on different projects.

  30. Billing Rate Management • Project Role based billing rate (Pick billing rate defined in role based billing setup done at project level. Project Manager can assign employees to these project based roles). Example : • Development Manager (US$ 120 per hour) • Project Manager (US$ 160 per hour) • QA (US$ 60 per hour) • Task based billing rate (Pick billing rate defined at project task level). Example : • UI Design / HTML / CSS (US$ 80 per hour) • C# Coding (US$ 100 per hour) • QA (US$ 120 per hour)

  31. Billing Rate Type Selection At Project Level • Billing Rate Type selection at project level

  32. Different Billing Rates For Different Work Types • OfficeTimer allows setting up separate billing rate for separate Work Types. • Example of separate [work type] based billing rate is that a single consultant can be charged to client for different types of [work types]. If he is working 8 hours per day, then billing rate should be standard billing rate of that consultant. If hours are more than 8 per day, then overtime rate should be charged to client for those additional hours. • Client A • Project A • Consultant 1 • (Standard: US$ 60 per hour) • (Overtime: US$ 90 per hour) • (On Travel: US$ 60 per hour) • Administrator can enable “Work Type” field using application preferences. • OfficeTimer then pick billing rate based on work type defined in time entry.

  33. OfficeTimer Invoicing • With all the hours and expenses your business has tracked with officetimer, you can create an invoice. • Officetimer does all the work for you in retrieving and organizing all your billable hours, so billing is easy, accurate, and fast. • Once an invoice is created, the invoice dashboard keeps track of all open invoices • Identify your account receivables and track your revenue. Filter through and see what each client is bringing in, or what you have made last quarter, with just a single click. • Multi-currency invoicing. You can send and track invoices with flexibility.

  34. Reports

  35. Powerful Customizable Reports • Over 35 Canned Reports • Customize your reports – Choose your columns, column order, Group on an attribute, Have your own formula • Create your own report from scratch

  36. Reports - filters and export • Filter your reports on various parameters • All reports can be export to PDF, XLS, CSV and other common use file types.

  37. Other Features

  38. OfficeTimer Attendance Recording • Attendance allow employee to record all employees / contractors to enter their arrival and departure time in OfficeTimer. • Using attendance record, administrator can track availability of employee within organization. • Attendance option can be disable from [Time Entry Day View] using “Role based permission”.

  39. Application preferences with some powerful options • OfficeTimer preferences options allow customization of some very commonly used application settings includes culture and formats, language, company logo etc.

  40. Powerful Administration Options • Powerful administration tools for managing your whole organization.

  41. Email Notification Preferences • Email notification preferences allow users to enable/disable different email notifications.

  42. Multi-Branch / Location Based Setup • Fully multi branch / multi location setup • Setup employees in different branches.

  43. Mobile Access • Fit to screen user interface for easy access from smart phones and Tabs

  44. Testimonials

  45. Testimonials • "A very helpful, easy to use and reasonably priced product. Using it we automated the timesheet process of our 250+ employees - earlier our employees lost a lot of productive hours in filling and approving timesheets manually. With OfficeTimer the entire process flow is automated. The support team do their best to help and supply resolution. We made the right choice by purchasing OfficeTimer!“ - Rajiv Pradhan, Senior Director, SkillNet Solutions Inc, USA & India • "As a current user of OfficeTimer I find the functionality extremely useful. Not only can I manage timesheets which saves my company administration overhead but I have a summarized view of all my projects. I can quickly manage project scope as well as get critical on demand reports surrounding employees, projects and Billing. A one stop shop for my business which is a time saver" - Juan Pablo Gomez, CEO, i Tech AG, Reston, USA

  46. Testimonials • "Our needs for timesheets were elaborate and we evaluated multiple products in this space. OfficeTimer had a lot of depth in their solution that other products could not provide even at a significant cost. Their team has also been very responsive in supporting our needs. We are currently in the process of using OfficeTimer for our expense tracking as well. OfficeTimer is an integral part of our daily routine and we are very happy to have found a tool that works for us" - Ajay Rama, Chief Analytics and Delivery Officer, iQuanti • “i have been looking around for a simple to use tool to track working hours of our team across different projects. After testing several other tools that were either bloated or missing required key functionalities, I came across OfficeTimer which does exactly what I want. The best thing: test it for free and if you run into any problems, support will be extremely responsive. So far I did not find anything better for my time tracking needs!” -Benjamin Spiss, Managing Director of SUNFOX Games, Vienna, Austria

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