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Web designing and Logo Designing PowerPoint Presentation
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Web designing and Logo Designing

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Web designing and Logo Designing
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Web designing and Logo Designing

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  1. Web Designs Melbourne By Troy Wilson http://www.pinkzebradesigns.com.au/

  2. Introduction • Every business needs to expand worldwide with time and to expand it needs to be recognized in the world. It needs to be seen by the users and potential customers, for visibility in the market it needs effective marketing. Unlike old days everybody is accustomed to internet now for the marketing purpose. Entrepreneurs prefer to reach the customers through web rather than any other source. It is cheaper than the traditional way of marketing and extracts customers from beyond the borders. • Well to go for online marketing one need to have a website and that makes web designing a very essential need of the industry.

  3. Web designs • Web design encircles different techniques and skills in the preparation and maintenance of a website for a business. Designing of web pages includes different activities such as interface designing, search engine optimization, graphics and text. • An interactive website is required to bring growth in business and spread information about the products and services online to a wider audience. A website designed with the proper balance of content and graphics brings more visitors and makes them stay on the site for a long time and even convert them into customers.

  4. Features of good Web Designs • Website must be search engine friendly • Content must be unique and fresh • Graphic elements such as images, videos, sliders must be used in a professional manner to break up larger area of the text part • Graphics must have alt tag and the proper text link • Web Pages must load quickly • Links must be eye catching that makes the visitor to click on it and color must coordinate with the pages • Easier navigation • It must be personalized

  5. Pink Zebra Culture • At Pink Zebra we LOVE to be entirely honest and transparent with the in's and out's of how our company works, we pride ourselves on having unbreakable trust and relationships with our clients, if you have any questions about any of our business model please be sure to ask us. Click the button below to see a Mind Map of our entire business structure.

  6. Our Process • Build Relationship. • Initial Consult - Find out where we can help. • Show off our previous work • Show concepts on what we can do for you • Revise • Build your entire business culture. • Launch your website !.

  7. Our Portfolio

  8. Logo Designs

  9. Online Marketing • Online marketing has become very important for a business to grow worldwide. Along with the good web designs the marketing of a business in the online world is equally important. The money and time spent on creating a quality web designs is not useful unless the website is indexed by the search engines.

  10. Online Marketing • Some of the benefits of Online marketing is: • It encourages sales. Around 85% of the global purchases are made with search engines • Increases Rate on Investment • Most of the people believe that the online prices are far better than the store prices • Strong web presence • Growth in Business • High Page rank and visibility on the top of search engine pages

  11. Contact Us • Pink Zebra Web Designs Melbourne • 24 Lomandra Street • Point CookAustralia 3030 • Our work phone: 1300972054 • http://www.pinkzebradesigns.com.au/