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Web Designing

Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardised code and proprietary software

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Web Designing

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  1. www.northpolewebservice.com

  2. ✓It is an one time investment ✓Long term high returns ✓Larger media and huge market ✓Can target international market ✓Need to renew once a year only. ✓NO need of physical brochures or leaflets. ✓Can present a extra information at NO COST. ✓Can present a better view of product with the help of MULTIMEDIA. ✓Customized content. www.northpolewebservice.com www.northpolewebservice.com

  3. We offer two types of websites ▪ Static Website : A basic web site which includes >Photos. >Content. >Contact information. >Basic web design. ▪Dynamic Websites : An advanced website which comprises of >Self editing convenience for content of website. >Advance design >unlimited pages >Inquiry form www.northpolewebservice.com www.northpolewebservice.com

  4. www.northpolewebservice.com

  5. www.northpolewebservice.com www.northpolewebservice.com

  6. Content is important, but content alone will not make your site work. www.northpolewebservice.com www.northpolewebservice.com

  7. 1. Visitor-centric, clear purpose 2. Progressive disclosure 3. Displays quickly 4. Browser compatible 5. Intuitive navigation 6. Unique Content 7. Secure ( WooCommerce ) 8. Attractive design, easy to read 9. Cultural bias? (Regional? Domestic? International?) 10. No technical problems (broken links, buggy scripts) 11. Maintainable (separate content from style) 12. Search Engine Accessible www.northpolewebservice.com www.northpolewebservice.com

  8. ◼ Technical definitions: ◼ A webpage is a single HTML document ◼ A website is a collection of related webpages ◼ Designing a good website requires more than just putting together a few pages www.northpolewebservice.com

  9. ◼ Layout of web pages is very important ◼ Poor layout makes for - ◼ Difficult navigation ◼ Hard to locate information on page ◼ Visually unappealing www.northpolewebservice.com

  10. Logo Menu Content Footer www.northpolewebservice.com

  11. • Because monitors differ (640x480, 800x600, 1024x768), pages look different. • You can use a % width for a table, for example make it 80% of the page width www.northpolewebservice.com

  12. • Be Concise • Limit choices – use a hierarchical structure • A hierarchy is a structured organization where some pages are at a higher level than others • Hierarchy results in a site map with multiple levels www.northpolewebservice.com

  13. Willoughby's Website Splash Page index.html Pictures Gallery gallery.html Name Page name.html Progress Page progress.html Interior or Internal Pages Canada Trip canada.html Christmas Tree tree.html www.northpolewebservice.com

  14. • Choose a common layout for your website. The Splash Page will probably differ but interior pages should be the same • Use tables to control placement throughout www.northpolewebservice.com

  15. • Use the same font throughout! • Use consistent graphics in website – do not use ultra modern on one page and calligraphy on another • Use color scheme that is consistent www.northpolewebservice.com

  16. • Only fonts you can reliably use are Times New Roman (Times) and Arial (Helvetica) • Text in site should be one of these choices • How to overcome this? • Any font used in graphics is loaded as a graphic, and does not rely upon the font being on the user’s computer • Make cool font images in Photoshop www.northpolewebservice.com

  17. • Test your website as you go along. • If you’re in the computer lab and there’s an empty computer next to you, log into it and check out your web page from there • Make sure it works in Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer • Make sure all pictures come up on a different machine www.northpolewebservice.com

  18. Contact us:- To find out more or how we can help you better Address:- C-127 ,2ndFloor, Ozi gym Building , Phase 8, Industrial Area, Mohali, 160055 Phone no:- (+91) 8872155107, 9779127768, 8360890672 Email:- npolewebservice@gmail.com www.northpolewebservice.com

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