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CULTURAL DIFFUSION. DEFINITION:. Cultural Diffusion: the spreading of a cultural trait (material object, idea, or behavior pattern) from one society to another Diffusion can also be viewed as a cultural ‘ exchange ’. Elements of Culture that have been ‘ diffused ’ into our current culture:.

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  2. DEFINITION: • Cultural Diffusion: the spreading of a cultural trait (material object, idea, or behavior pattern) from one society to another • Diffusion can also be viewed as a cultural ‘exchange’

  3. Elements of Culture that have been ‘diffused’into our current culture: • Foods: Chinese, Mexican, Indian • How many have eaten a fortune cookie?

  4. Elements of Culture that have been diffused into other cultures: • Baseball • Baseball was developed into the game it is now in the US in the late 18th century. • What is the common saying here in the US? “As American as ___________ “


  6. Three Types of Diffusion • Expansion • Relocation

  7. Expansion Diffusion • Spread of an innovation/idea through a population in an area in such a way that the # of those influenced grows continuously larger. (de Blij/Murphy – 7th ed., page R-20)

  8. RELOCATION DIFFUSION Items being diffused are transmitted by their carrier agents as they evacuate the old areas and relocate to new ones. The most common form involves a migrating population. (de Blij/Murphy – 7th ed., page R-26) • This occurs when the people migrate and take their cultural attributes with them.

  9. Spatial Diffusion • Definition - The spread of ideas, inventions, or patterns of behavior. Spread of Culture

  10. = place where major religion originated Christianity Islam Judaism Hinduism Buddhism Confucianism Tribal Religions Which religion has diffused to every livable continent?

  11. Globalization • Globalization is a specific form of spatial diffusion.

  12. Globalization – when a product or idea spreads worldwide Directions: Copy these notes and the information in the box below under your diffusion t-chart or on a new page. • Globalization can be an economic product or activity = Economic Diffusion OR • Globalization can be a social activity = Cultural Diffusion. 2 types - Economic Diffusion - Cultural Diffusion

  13. Globalization What does it look like? Directions: The next sequence of slides has pictures that show goods and ideas that are examples of globalization. It’s up to you to determine whether the globalization picture represents economic diffusion, cultural diffusion, or both.

  14. Directions: • In your notebook create a small chart similar to the one below. • Give a title for each picture. My example is TV. • Record the type of spatial diffusion that the picture represents. TV is an example of economic diffusion. Globalization Pics • TV  Economic Diffusion

  15. 1. Used around the world Economic Diffusion

  16. 2. Practicedaround theworld Cultural Diffusion

  17. 3. Read around the world I'm not telling you the answer this time...

  18. 4. Eaten around the world Both

  19. Wanted around the world Sorry pal, no answer

  20. Task  What effect does this have on Chinese culture? Think about it...

  21. Globalization Pics Key – use this to check your answers, make corrections if necessary Slide 1  Economic Diffusion Slide 2  Cultural Diffusion Slide 3  Economic Diffusion Slide 4  Both Slide 5  Cultural Diffusion Slide 6  Both Task  On your note, explain why slide 4 and slide 6 are both economic and cultural diffusion.

  22. Make a diffusion t-chart Directions add the 7 Causes and 4 Barriers AND THEIR EXPLANATIONS to diffusion to your chart.

  23. Causes of diffusion • Rivers – serve as transportation routes

  24. Causes of diffusion 2. Plains – flat land allows for easy travel

  25. 3. Harbors – allow transportation and trade between foreign countries Causes of Diffusion

  26. Other Examples 4. Inventions – Cell phones have spread to all regions of the world. Hey, it’s Britney. Have you seen my golden bucket? No, but isn’t it great that cell phones have diffused to my country?

  27. Other Examples 5. War – Countries force their culture on conquered nations. 6. Migration – People bring their culture with them when they move. 7. Trade – Economic goods and culture are exchanged by the world’s market economies.

  28. Barriers to Spatial Diffusion 1. Deserts – too hard to travel across

  29. Barriers to Spatial Diffusion 2. Mountains – act as a barrier, block travel

  30. Barriers to spatial diffusion • 3. Ocean – too big to travel across Tasks: Give two examples of technology that allow people to overcome the previous 3 barriers to diffusion.

  31. 4. Religion – Religious beliefs restrict the adoption of other cultures. Barriers to spatial diffusion

  32. Causes of diffusion Rivers Plains Harbors Inventions War Migration Trade Barriers to diffusion Deserts Mountains Oceans Religion Review – Check your chart. If there are items missing, make corrections.

  33. Do the partner activity with the 3X5 card…see notes. Review

  34. Assignment: • You and a partner are required to find and research two different things on the internet that have been culturally diffused either into our culture, or from our culture into another’s culture.

  35. You may use any resource on the web, but you must use a minimum of 2 different sites for each topic. There are many search engines that may help you find information, such as: www.google.com Here are some other sites that will help you find other sites related to your topics: www.yahoo.com www.ask.com www.loc.gov Assignment, Continued:

  36. Assignment, Continued, again… • See your sheet for more info… • Include two pictures as necessary along with your typewritten summaries • Due at the end of class, be ready to present your topics to your classmates tomorrow! • Be creative in your presentation!

  37. Left Side: Cartoon A: US Sketch a cartoon of daily life in the US that shows a trait that we got from another country. Right Side: Cartoon B: Fake Country(Planet) Sketch a cartoon of daily life in a fake country that shows a U.S. trait that is being used differently than expected. Think about food, religion, clothing, etc. Example  People wear pants on their head and shirts on their legs. HW: Divide a piece of paper in half

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