Cris russian achievements and new projects initiatives
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CRIS: Russian achievements and new projects initiatives - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CRIS: Russian achievements and new projects initiatives. Sergey Parinov, Main researcher of CEMI RAS Professor of SU-HSE. Open Access to Research program in Russian Academy of Sciences.

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Cris russian achievements and new projects initiatives

CRIS:Russian achievements and new projects initiatives

Sergey Parinov,

Main researcher of CEMI RAS

Professor of SU-HSE

Open access to research program in russian academy of sciences
Open Access to Research program in Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Social Sciences Section of Russian Academy of Sciences (SSS RAS) – 29 research institutes and centers with about 2500 researchers

  • Socionet workgroup about 50 members (1-3 representatives from each research organization of SSS RAS)

  • 22 SSS RAS organizations (of 29) have CRISes at Socionet (organizational and personal data, news, pre-post eprints, theses, books and etc.)

  • Distributed research network of SSS RAS based on the Socionet ( with OAI-PMH

Socionet research e infrastructure
Socionet research e-infrastructure Sciences

  • Established in 2000, developing with current total funding of $500,000 as grants from Ford Foundation, EC FW (TECHBRID), RAS (SININ)

  • Functioning as:

    • Information Hub

    • Online Workbenchs

    • Common Information Space

    • Professional Social Network

    • Scientometrics database and indicators

    • Challenge for e-Social Sciences organizational model

Socionet as information hub

3. Data integrators: Sciences

1. Data providers:

OWB (1.1)

OAI Catalogue (3.1)

Type 2

OAI-PMH archives (2.1)

Eprints Catalogue (3.2)


Socionet information hub

Type 3

News Agencies (3.3)

RSS channels (2.2)

Personal RSS import (3.4)

IST-WORLD system (3.5)

BirchBob system (3.6)

Socionet as Information Hub

Online workbench

OAI-PMH archives

Customer’s formats

and protocols

Socionet workbench
Socionet Workbench Sciences

An activity legend for the current role

List of Inform. Channels for current role, switch tracing

Tools to configure auto tracing of new additions

Tools to manage personal publications and its series

Navigation over personal series and publications

Socionet information space
Socionet Information Space Sciences

Series list with today's new additions and changes

Central navigation menu of SININ

Graph of numbers of new additions for 30 last days

Latest 20 materials from all news collections

Local search with connected information systems

Number of series in each section

Number of materials in each section

New challenges and projects
New challenges and projects Sciences

  • Online Scientometrics (as a part of e-infrastructure):

    • Technical topics (raw data, standards, unification, etc.)

    • Organizational issues (using performance indicators in research managements, stimulation mechanism)

  • Online organizational model of research (as a part of e-Science model):

    • New forms of research results depositing and priority stating (from “articles” to “wiki”)

    • Citations as competing of research results

    • Citation attributes as types of research results using

    • Citations requests as signals for new research

Possible links with eurocris
Possible links with euroCRIS Sciences

  • Exploiting benefits from CRISs interoperability, including “social networks” and “viewing/downloads data”

  • CRIS  e-infrastructure and e-Science concepts

  • CERIF as additional format of OAI-PMH

  • Adding to CERIF “e-scientometrics” section

Sharing of eurocris topics
Sharing of euroCRIS topics Sciences

  • Requirements of the e-infrastructure

  • e-Infrastructure supporting research facilities

  • e-Infrastructure information resources

  • Integrated e-infrastructure

  • Towards e-infrastructure knowledge resources

  • Research management on the e-infrastructure

  • Cost-effective R&D by using the e-infrastructure

  • CRISs – to enable the e-infrastructure