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Morning Report. Haleh Talaei MD, MPH Infectious Disease specialist Clinical toxicology fellow Associated professor of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. Definition.

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morning report

Morning Report

Haleh Talaei MD, MPH

Infectious Disease specialist

Clinical toxicology fellow

Associated professor of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences



The term "morning report" is used to describe case-based conferences where residents, attending physicians, and others meet to present and discuss clinical cases. The term includes resident reports, morning or housestaff conferences, and morning sessions but excludes work rounds or teaching rounds.

In a typical morning report, the team on duty during the night presents recently admitted patients, followed by a general discussion of the cases and related topics.



It’s one of the clinical teaching method that review the management of all of admitted patients in recent 24 hrs by diagnostic & treatment approach on evidence based.

four major areas for review
Four major areas for review
  • Purpose of morning report
  • Organization
  • Instructional methods
  • Educational outcomes
  • Each topic area is presented, followed by an overall discussion at the end.
various purposes of morning report
Various purposes of morning report
  • Education
  • Evaluation of residents and quality of services
  • Detection and reporting of adverse events
  • Non-medical issues
  • Social interaction.
educational goals
Educational goals
  • Case-based teaching
  • Reviewing and planning patient management
  • Fostering presentation skills
  • Highlighting the unique approach of the generalist physician
  • Developing intellectual curiosity and research
  • Promoting decision-making skills
  • Self-directed learning
  • Ethics
case oriented teaching was the most frequently cited educational purpose of morning reports

Case-oriented teachingwas the most frequently cited educational purpose of morning reports.

evaluation of residents and quality of services
Evaluation of Residents and Quality of Services
  • Evaluation of residents' attitudes (84%),
  • Clinical skills (63%),
  • Quality of care (93%)
  • An effective means of case management (82%)
  • Although morning report was used to evaluate residents and quality of care, no structured instrument or rating scale to conduct such evaluations was reported.
detection and reporting of adverse event
Detection and Reporting of Adverse Event
  • Morning report can be an effective means to detect and report adverse events such as drug reactions.
non medical issues
Non-medical issues
  • The programs which addressed a variety of non-medical issues such as social, personal, ethical, political, and economic topics, as well as cost-effectiveness and administrative matters (85%)
social interaction
Social Interaction
  • Morning report provided an opportunity for residents and faculty to socialize
  • Food and drinks during morning report and conducted business in an informal atmosphere that fostered social interaction.
  • Morning Report as SMALL GROUP SESSIONS
  • How to RUN morning report despite the Attending?
  • Factors Influencing* Morning report case presentation
  • Common morning report in Unique groups


In summary, residency programs used morning report for multiple purposes, including education and a variety of other goals. Residents favor morning report as an educational activity. The relative importance of each purpose of morning report depends on individual programs and, in turn, may determine the way morning report will be organized and conducted.

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