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EXPLORING A NEW WORLD. A gate was once the only thing that separated the magical world from the human world. T hat was until Sir Jeffery opened the gates and let the worlds intertwine. .

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A gate was once the only thing that separated the magical world from the human world. That was until Sir Jeffery opened the gates and let the worlds intertwine.


A small fairy named Elyssa moved into an apple tree and lived in a small apple for 2 years until one day, the evil Sir Jeffery used his magic powers to move Elyssa’s apple home from the apple tree. When Elyssa came out of her house she had a big surprise.


She had never seen this place before. She then realized that Sir Jeffery moved her house while she slept. She became furious at him, “How dare he use his powers against me!” She said. She decided to some how get even with him.


Although Elyssa was angry with Sir Jeffery, she decided to find her way back to the apple tree and make a new house there. She tried to remember where the tree was, but she couldn’t find it anywhere. She found a nice little tree and made a temporary house in it.


When elyssa set out to find supplies to make her new home she stumbled upon a wire fence with beautiful flowers growing out of it, she decided to do some exploring and flew through the fence to see what was on the other side.


When she got to the other side she found gigantic houses and big poles with wires connecting them. “What are those?” she asked herself. “They are the magic the humans use, they don’t have natural magic like we do so they create it themselves.” A voice coming from behind her said. “Who are you?” Elyssa asked the strange fairy. “My name is Bob Henry, the third.” he told her happily. ”Hey you seem new here, I can show you some more human magic if you want me to.” he said. “I would love that.” she told him.

When Bob and Elyssa got there, Elyssa noticed a metal object that looked like a giant flower. “Wow that looks like a giant flower!” she told him. When they got closer to the object, Elyssa noticed it had wires in the back of it. “What could that possible do?” she wondered. Bob told her its how humans made images appear on a screen. She was so amazed, but she wanted to see more human magic. Bod said he was hungry and offered Elyssa lunch at his house.

Bob’s house was built into a palm tree. It was very big and reminded Elyssa of a fairy castle. It had 3 master bedrooms, 4 1/2 bathrooms, 4 closets, 3 living areas, a huge kitchen and a big movie room. After lunch Bob and Elyssa went to fly around town.

After they got tired they realized they were to far to go back home before sun down so they got two rooms at a fancy fairy hotel.

While Bob went to sleep in his room, Elyssa went to get ice for her sore wings. When she ran into Sir Jeffery he teleported them to a beautiful lake, then he left her there all by herself.


When she went looking for a way home, she found a huge building. Elyssa was scared and ran away from it. She figured that Sir Jeffery was never going to help her get home so she decided to find a new home and live there instead .


Elyssa found a new home very quickly, and Bob found her and moved next door. They became best friends and lived a peaceful life without ever seeing Sir Jeffery again.THE END