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A New World

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A world where people everywhere regularly encounter the life of Jesus and his kingdom through the portals that shape the contour of their souls A New World A New World

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a new world

A world where people everywhere regularly encounter the life of Jesus and his kingdom through the portals that shape the contour of their souls

A New World


A New World

• This possibility is becoming more of a reality through a growing movement of “visual innovators” who care deeply about people and the stories they live into.

• These innovators are able to create and harness the power of visual media and story that will bring people to an encounter with God they cannot ignore.

Imagine …

People everywhere, regularly encountering Jesus and his kingdom in their context in the stories surrounding them through feature films, webisodes, television, viral videos.

Engaging, authentic stories well told that non-believers share.

Stories firmly rooted in the truth of Scripture.

Stories that inspire people to live lives of integrity, humility, compassion and justice…for Christ and His kingdom

Churches, denominations, organizations, individuals artfully integrating story for the sake of reaching and teaching the non-believing world will know we have life abundantly.

why story
Why Story?

People live into stories “too small”

People need to find life in the Greatest Story of all

We’ve done well in a world of propositional truth,

but we need to adapt to the new world


Why Do We Need a Visual Movement?

The world is increasingly visual


The language in which

the 21st century world communicates

is the language of ….

visual story


For 1500 years the church preached.

For 500 years the church has printed.

We live in a transitional time in the history of the Church.Today we must preach, print and portray Jesus and His kingdom.

what kinds of stories are needed
What Kinds of Stories Are Needed?

People will respond to stories that engage, inspire, challenge and ultimately evoke a desire for something bigger than what they know.

Some stories will be subtle and will provoke. They will raise questions rather than answer them.

Other stories will be direct and seek to provide answers to the spiritual needs of the viewer. In all cases, a visual story should go beyond simple entertainment.

a new world9

a global movement of visual story for the kingdom of God so every person on earth can experience life-change through Jesus.

A New World

who we are
Who We Are
  • The Visual Story Network is a coalition of missional and creative Christians working together to fuel a global movement of visual story for the kingdom of God.
  • We sensed a need for a global, missional and strategic concerted effort
  • It began with a handful of organizations
  • Consultations (Anaheim, Orlando, Dallas)
  • White papers (see Resource tab)
  • Best practice / product database
  • Resource wiki
  • 430 in online community
  • More than 80 organizations have begun to connect and collaborate
  • Collaborative initiatives launched (Leverage, Media Mission Project, Online Visual Story Training, etc.)
  • Second Leadership Summit

Visual Story Network

  • Advocate for the need for visual story
  • Provide opportunities to connect and collaborate
  • Equip God’s people to create and use visual story
  • 4. Promote best practices and products
    • www.visualstorynetwork.com
    • Resources tab (this presentation, white paper,
    • wiki to amazing resources…you can expand it).
  • • Relational. We build relationships of trust and integrity.
  • Stewardship. We seek to be a catalyst for the wise and synergistic use of resources.
  • • Kingdom unity / willingness to share. Everyone is invited to contribute ideas, strategies, products and time toward accomplishing more together than we can alone so a visual story movement will grow.
  • • Kingdom first, commerce second. We do not have a sponsor or products that we rely on, nor will participants see this as a commercial opportunity. We will seek to promote as many products and practices that serve the purpose of helping the “kingdom come.”
  • • Level playing field. Each participant is expected to cover their own costs at events. Since participation is entirely voluntary, VSN will work hard to make participation accessible in terms of cost.
visual story network the model
Visual Story Network : The Model
  • Relational
  • Missional
  • Strategic
  • Global