hillary s fizzled notable presidential bid
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Hillary's failed historic presidential bid

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Hillary's failed historic presidential bid - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hillary Clinton fell short in her bid to become the first woman elected U.S. president when rival Donald Trump won in a stunning upset.

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Presentation Transcript
Hillary Clinton was offering to wind up the principal lady to be chosen president of the United States. REUTERS/Carlos Barria
Clinton said in the wake of voting on race day, "it's a lowering feeling." REUTERS/Adrees Latif
Clinton fixed the Democratic Party�s selection in July 2016 after a savage fight with adversary Bernie Sanders yet bumbled against opponent Donald Trump. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson
This wasn�t Clinton�s first offer for the administration, running in 2008 against then-Senator Barack Obama. When he won the White House, he made Clinton his secretary of state and afterward bungled the country presenting her defense in the 2016 crusade. REUTERS/Jim Young
From her first battle discourse, Clinton underlined her part as the principal lady applicant of a noteworthy gathering. REUTERS/Carlos Barria
Many of Clinton�s advertisements and crusade discourses were based on earning the counter Trump vote by utilizing his own words against him. REUTERS/Rick Wilking
Clinton and her supporters much of the time accused the Trump crusade of sexism. A �Access Hollywood� sound recording of Trump examining his treatment of ladies turned into a defining moment in energizing ladies behind Clinton in October. REUTERS/Jim Young
Most Americans were acquainted with Clinton amid her husband�s offer for the 1992 Democratic presidential selection � amid which he said voters would get "two at the cost of one" on the off chance that they chose him. She proudly said she was not a lady who "remained home and heated treats." REUTERS/Adrees Latif
Hillary Rodham met Bill Clinton at Yale Law School, where she went to in the wake of learning at Wellesley College. In her Wellesley beginning location, she grabbed the spotlight with comments testing a U.S. congressperson who had already talked. REUTERS/Brian Snyder
As first woman amid Bill Clinton�s administration she turned into a polarizing figure for her inclusion with drafting a human services change charge known as �Hillarycare�. REUTERS/Brian Snyder
Between 1993 and 2001, Clinton was abnormally official in her part as first woman, jumping into arrangement matters. At a 1995 U.N. meeting in China on ladies, she broadly proclaimed that "human rights are ladies' rights and ladies' rights are human rights." REUTERS/Adrees Latif
Conservative faultfinders painted her women's liberation as a danger to customary family values. At the point when her better half was blamed for an undertaking, Clinton said on TV: "You know, I'm not staying here, some little lady remaining by my man like Tammy Wynette.� REUTERS/Brian Snyder
The same month her significant other left office in January 2001, Clinton purchased a house in the town of Chappaqua to authoritatively turn into a New York occupant and won race as a U.S. congressperson. She served until 2009. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson
Later, as President Obama's secretary of state from 2009 to 2013, she thought about common wars in Syria and Libya, Iran's atomic program, China's developing clout, Russian self-assuredness, finishing the Iraq war, slowing down war in Afghanistan, and an unsuccessful offer to settle the Israeli-Palestinian clash. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton
While Democrats upheld Clinton for championing ladies' rights at home and abroad, social equity and access to human services, assessment surveys demonstrated a dominant part of U.S. voters did not believe her. REUTERS/Carlos Barria
"The truth is, through every one of these years of open administration, the "administration" part has dependably come simpler to me than "the general population" part," Clinton said in tolerating the 2016 Democratic assignment. "I get it that a few people simply don't realize what to make of me." REUTERS/Jim Young
Clinton entered the 2016 race as her gathering's chances on top choice, yet was a foundation figure. She was seen by numerous as an insider with many years of political things, when voters appeared to be enchanted with pariahs. REUTERS/Adrees Latif
Clinton�s time on the American political scene has come amid a period of outrageous divisions in U.S. society. REUTERS/Chris Keane
Clinton's admirers think of her as an extreme and fit pioneer who has persevered through unwavering endeavors by political foes to hack her down. REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein
Clinton�s depreciators, then again, depict her as a deceitful and eager for power shark. REUTERS/Jim Young
Celebrity supports were regularly observed on the Clinton battle field with Katy Perry, Lebron James, Beyonce and Jay-Z all showing up. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson
The Clinton battle depicted Trump as a supremacist abhor monger, a sexist and an assessment dodger enchanted with Russian President Vladimir Putin and unfit to serve as president and president. "Such a frightful lady," Trump answered amid their last level headed discussion when she recommended he would attempt to escape paying the higher charges she advocates for the well off. REUTERS/Carlos Barria
"I'm with her" turned into the arousing sob for Clinton supporters all through the crusade. REUTERS/Carlos Barria
Clinton portrayed her bid as a defense against the one of a kind risk that she said Trump postured to American majority rules system. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson
Through different battle stops, dissidents have upset and annoyed both Clinton and Trump. REUTERS/Brian Snyder
Clinton delighted in more support from ladies than adversary Trump however surveys demonstrated a dominant part of ladies had an unfavorable perspective of the previous secretary of state. REUTERS/Mike Segar
Clinton attempted to enthuse youthful voters with numerous millennials choosing rival Bernie Sanders in the essential season. REUTERS/Carlos Barria
A wellbeing alarm in September when Clinton nearly given way at a 9/11 dedication occasion underscored lasting stresses over the restorative wellness of contender for one of the world's most requesting employments. REUTERS/Brian Snyder
Following her episode of pneumonia and after feedback of her apparent inclination toward mystery achieved a crescendo, Clinton tended to the media in an uncommon question and answer session on the landing area. REUTERS/Brian Snyder
Republicans have blamed Clinton for overstepping the law while comparing through a private email server as secretary of state. In July, FBI Director James Comey called Clinton "greatly thoughtless" in her treatment of arranged data by email, yet Obama's Justice Department acknowledged his suggestion not to bring criminal allegations. REUTERS/Carlos Barria
The email contention flared again on October 28 when James Comey told U.S. legislators the FBI was examining another trove of messages as a feature of its test, yet said their importance was hazy. Two days out from the race, the FBI made a surprising declaration that it remained by its July choice not to press any criminal accusations in an examination of Clinton's email rehearses. REUTERS/Brian Snyder
Clinton was at that point running for president while, amid a touchy 11-hour congressional hearing in October 2015, she diverted Republican feedback of her treatment of a 2012 assault by aggressors in Benghazi, Libya, in which the U.S. envoy passed on. REUTERS/Gary Cameron
Rival Donald Trump said he had gotten a call from Clinton to salute him on his win and commended her for her administration and for a hard-battled crusade. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst
Some ladies opposed their own political convention to vote in favor of the primary lady presidential chosen one of a noteworthy U.S. political gathering. REUTERS/Brian Snyder
Rather than witness the shattering of a definitive unreasonable impediment, ladies crosswise over America viewed a memorable leap forward disappear as Clinton neglected to wind up the principal lady chose president of the U.S. REUTERS/Carlos Barria
The Clinton crusade focused on the African-American vote in battleground states to attempt to rehash Barack Obama�s accomplishment in enthusing minorities. REUTERS/Mark Makela
Clinton�s trademark �Stronger together� resounded all through the battle, saw by numerous as a standout amongst the most divisive in late memory. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson
One-time Clinton adversary and self-pronounced communist Bernie Sanders changed to supporting the chosen one, portraying her as the best possibility to alter the United States' issues. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson
Several ladies voters wailed over the way that U.S. ladies won the privilege to vote in 1920 and about a century later the nation has yet to choose a lady president. REUTERS/Brian Snyder
Clinton picked New York's Brooklyn district as the area for her battle central command. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson
Clinton's annihilation closes eight years of Democratic control of the White House and sends the United States on another, indeterminate way. REUTERS/Charles Mostoller
Trump's four-year term starts on Jan. 20 and he will appreciate Republican dominant parts in both councils of the U.S. Congress. REUTERS/Brian Snyder
Trump, who pursued a warmed battle painting the previous secretary of state as "slanted" and undermining to place her in prison, cleared to the shock triumph on a mutinous stage. REUTERS/Carlos Barria
Despite crusading hard in battleground states like Ohio, Trump vanquished Clinton in those states as his promise to be the "best occupations president that God ever made" resounded. REUTERS/Carlos Barria
Trump rode an influx of outrage toward Washington insiders to win the White House. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst