english ii vocabulary lesson four n.
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English II Vocabulary Lesson Four PowerPoint Presentation
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English II Vocabulary Lesson Four

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English II Vocabulary Lesson Four - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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English II Vocabulary Lesson Four

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  1. English IIVocabulary Lesson Four

  2. 1. bigot n. one who is intolerant of differences in others Syn: racist; extremist 2. Expunge v. to erase or eliminate Syn: obliterate Ant: add 3. Candid adj. outspoken; blunt Syn: frank; direct Ant: evasive 4. Argot n. special words or phrases used by a specific group of people Syn: jargon 5. Negligence n. careless neglect, often resulting in injury Syn: carelessness Ant: care; attention 6. Appease v. to calm; to make satisfied (often only temporarily) Syn: mollify Ant: aggravate

  3. 8. Chaos n. complete disorder Syn: confusion; jumble Ant: order; harmony 9. Augment v. to enlarge; to increase in amount of intensity Syn: expand; supplement Ant: narrow; reduce 10. Jungoism n. extreme, chauvinistic patriotism, often favoring an aggressive, warlike foreign policy

  4. The Prime Minister faced a tough decision to __ an angered nation. The __ resulting from the surprise attack fueled widespread __, and citizens were tired of the administration’s inaction. When he finally spoke, the Prime Minister delivered a[n] __ address that revealed his anger and his plan of counterattack. • Augment Jingoism Argot Candid • Chaos Appease

  5. Much to everyone’s dislike, the outspoken __ used the __ of the slave trade to __ his racial supremacy speeches. The speeches often accompanied the __ sounds of screaming protesters, many of whom claimed that the speaker’s __ in teaching tolerance inspired his followers to commit hate crimes throughout the country. He stood alone on the stage as he addressed the angered crowd; even his former friends and colleagues wanted to __ him from their lives. • Negligence Augment Expunge • Bigot Argot Strident Chaos • Tradition

  6. 1. Theresa was candid about my new haircut; she told me that… 2. When I babysat the Patelli twins, my negligence led to… 3. I thought it was fair to accuse George of jingoism after he… 4. If I wanted to augment my savings account, I might… 5. The argot of pirates might include terms such as… 6. I realized my grandfather was a bigot when he told me… 7. One way to appease a crying child is… 8. My brother’s voice becomes strident when he… 9. The atmosphere on the commuter train became one of chaos when… 10. My math teacher said he would expunge the “F” from my record if I…

  7. A. The writer took offense at Marty’s candid review because it… B. When negligence becomes the main reason for damaged goods and low profits, the plant managers will probably… C. If Colleen made strident sounds while practicing her saxophone, her parents probably…