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ADDIE Instructional Design By: Angelica M. Leos PowerPoint Presentation
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ADDIE Instructional Design By: Angelica M. Leos

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ADDIE Instructional Design By: Angelica M. Leos

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ADDIE Instructional Design By: Angelica M. Leos

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  1. ADDIE Instructional DesignBy: Angelica M. Leos

  2. Instructional design model ADDIE was created and is used to develop or improve a set of skills to help the students/target audiences understand the ideas, theory or messages. ADDIE is one of the most important method the instructional designer created. “ADDIE” is an acronym that stands for analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate. Let’s review the five steps in detail as used in the education world.

  3. The five steps of the ADDIE design model.

  4. A= Analyze

  5. Why do educators Analyze data using ADDIE? • They must determine what the students’ know and what they need to learn from the course. • To determine if material is appropriate for the course text. • To stream line the learning process while driving home the crucial/critical points to students. • To ensure the students will develop each skills. • To provide students with resources relative they will find useful for the course.

  6. D= Design

  7. Why is it important for an educator to Design the material? • To plan & assess the objectives to determine how the students are going to achieve the goals. • The educator will develop new material and information for the students. • Educator must research, and be able to provide new information as needed. • The design must be understandable and easy for the student.

  8. D= Develop

  9. Why it is important for an educator to Develop material? • To analyze and design productive material to achieve the learning objective. • To maintain the students/target audience attention without loosing them. • Selecting appropriate material in the development process is crucial, and should allow for presenter to provide personal feedback to add to material.

  10. I= Implement

  11. How will educators Implement their goals? • The user will follow the steps, and each step should lead to the next. • The materials provided should be clearly understood by the students. • The user must adjust/change the design as needed. • The objectives must be clear to the students.

  12. E= Evaluate

  13. Why is it important for educators to Evaluate? • To see the results of the course. • To help the educator evaluate whether there is a need for new ideas, better ideas, skills, and knowledge. • To determine if the educator has met his/her goals. • To help determine if the process has impacted the students. • To help the educator adapt/change strategy to help students understand lessons.

  14. The wrap-up. ADDIE is an essential basic model for every educator to know/use. It’s a program developed to approach new concepts/ideas easily. This method helps many educators deliver the lesson effectively. The ADDIE is a framework for educators to process the information and to develop an effective course.

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