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Consumer Electronics

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Consumer Electronics. February 8, 2006. What type of Digital Camera is right for me?. Basic Point and Shoot Advanced Point and Shoot Prosumer Professional- SLR. Types of digital cameras. Basic Point and Shoot. Tiny, fits in a pocket or part of a cell phone, use it anytime 1-3 Megapixels

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consumer electronics

Consumer Electronics

February 8, 2006

types of digital cameras
Basic Point and Shoot

Advanced Point and Shoot


Professional- SLR

Types of digital cameras
basic point and shoot
Basic Point and Shoot
  • Tiny, fits in a pocket or part of a cell phone, use it anytime
  • 1-3 Megapixels
  • $20-200
  • Good for snapshots, especially outdoors and web/email
  • Usually has little optical zoom, may not have a flash or viewfinder
  • May also function as a webcam
advanced point and shoot
Advanced Point and Shoot
  • better pictures but still easy to use
  • 3-5 Megapixels and up
  • $150-400
  • Good for snapshots, portraits and small enlargements- up to about 8X10 and web/email
  • Typically 3X optical and additional digital zoom, and a built in flash
  • May capture short video clips, have Macro (close-up) and other special effects
  • prosumer (proh.SOO.mur) n. 1. A consumer who is an amateur in a particular field, but who is knowledgeable enough to require equipment that has some professional features ("professional" + "consumer").
  • More control, zoom & features, but still lets you point and shoot
  • 5 Megapixels and up
  • $200-900
  • Good for all types of pictures and larger enlargements
  • Up to 12X optical zoom, built in and hot shoe flash options
  • May include ability to manually control settings, image stabilization, burst mode
  • Less shutter lag
dslr digital single lens reflex
dSLR- Digital Single Lens Reflex
  • Gives you lots of choices and control
  • $700-5000
  • If you really want control, more camera- like, can change lens, manually focus…
  • Zoom depends on lens, flash options. May not have an LCD, uses mirror to view through the lens
  • Almost no shutter lag- best type for shooting action stills
  • No video
  • Organizing
    • Picasa
    • Adobe Photo Album
    • Comcast Photoshow
  • Editing
    • Picasa
    • Photoshop Elements
  • Yahoo photos
mp3 players

MP3 Players

Features and uses

what is mp3
What is MP3?
  • Digital audio encoding and lossy compression format
  • Designed to greatly reduce the amount of data required to represent audio, yet still sound like a faithful reproduction of the original uncompressed audio to most listeners
  • Also refers to files of sound or music recordings stored in the MP3 format on computers.
types of mp3 players
Types of MP3 Players
  • Flash memory
  • Hard drive
    • Audio only
    • Audio and pictures
    • Video, too
flash memory mp3 players
Flash Memory MP3 Players
  • Lower price
  • No moving parts- so they don’t skip when dancing
  • Small capacity (typically 128 MB-1GB)
  • 4-20 hours of music storage
  • Limited features (eg. iPod Shuffle)- although newer players (eg. iPod Nano) have more
  • Simple to use
hard drive mp3 players
Hard Drive MP3 Players
  • Higher price
  • Large capacity (typically 5-40GB)
  • Music storage up to 15,000 songs
  • Larger, sometimes color screen
  • Photos,Video
  • Audiobooks, FM transmitter
  • Organizer, games, alarms, contacts…