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Welcome To Third Grade

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Welcome To Third Grade. Super. Mrs. Fisher’s Class. We switch classes with Mrs. Lynch’s class. Mrs. Fisher = Science Mrs. Lynch =Social Studies.

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welcome to third grade

Welcome To Third Grade


Mrs. Fisher’s Class


We switch classes with Mrs. Lynch’s class.

Mrs. Fisher = Science

Mrs. Lynch =Social Studies

The Science program does not have a textbook, but instead we use scientist notebooks t0 connect to each in class activity and jot down our notes. They are an excellent study guide.


Cycle Day ---- Special

1 Music

2 Library

3 PE

4 Art

5 Health

6 Computer

school supplies
School Supplies
  • Every Student needs … (By the Tuesday after Labor Day)
    • A binder (to hold assignment book and folder)
    • At least one folder (up to 3) of any designs
    • Dry erase markers
    • Pencils
    • 3 book covers ** (jumbo stretchy covers will fit)
  • Items that are provided in school, but students may choose to bring

their own….

    • A pencil box (this item not supplied)
    • Small pencil sharpener
    • Scissors
    • Personal whiteboard
    • Crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

A limited amount of these items can be supplied for families who need it. Just write me a quick note.


Most nights students will have at least a math sheet and 15 minutes of reading.

Spelling is assigned weekly –

Friday = pretest & books come home

Saturday – Thursday – complete pages in spelling practice book at a pace that suits your family’s schedule

Thursday – Homework due (hand in practice book) & Spelling Test

Rocket Math Folders (or just a sheet) should be coming home regularly to practice as part of homework.

Review Homework will be assigned before tests and students will have at least 2 days to complete review sheets.

Occasionally homework will be assigned in Science, Social Studies, Reading or Writing.

  • Your child should be able to complete their assignments independently. This is the goal to move toward throughout the year. They may need occasional guidance with directions or just someone to talk through their thinking. It is okay for parents to check the work. If you have them fix something please just circle the problem number that way I have an idea of questions that were tricky or may need more instruction. If an assignment is WAY too much for your child because they don’t understand, please feel free to cut it in half or simply write a note to let me know. I will then find a time to check in with them about that assignment.
homework continued
Homework (continued)

Please be sure to check the assignment books every evening and then sign at the bottom of that day to say that the assignments are completed.

  • What happens when a student misses an assignment?
    • A note will be attached in the assignment book as an FYI for parents
    • A student will move his/her rock one space as part of our behavior plan.
    • The student will complete the homework at recess time (using no more than 15 minutes of their time)
  • What happens if everyone in class completes his/her homework?
    • Mrs. Fisher has been known to do strange things like wear a tiara all over the school so all the teachers know (because they ask why she’s wearing it) that our class is SO responsible!!
third graders rock
Third Graders ROCK!!!
  • Part 1: Individually
    • Each student has a rock with his/her name on it. The rocks are moved as consequences to behavior in the classroom (ex. Being disruptive, not completing work, etc.)
      • 1 move = oops (possibly owe 5 minutes recess)
      • 2 moves = students owe 10 minutes recess and a note is sent home
      • 3 moves = students owe ½ recess, note sent home, & phone call or other appropriate consequence given
    • What if the rock doesn’t move?
      • 0 moves = a ticket at the end of the day
        • (tickets earn prizes from prize box & can be earned randomly with positive choices)

Third Graders ROCK!!!

  • Part 2: As a class
    • The class also has a rock jar to fill. Rocks are earned when the entire class shows excellent behavior (THINK 4Be’s)
    • When the rock jar is filled a reward such as extra recess, ice cream treat, etc is earned. The reward is chosen as a class before the filling begins.
contact information
Contact Information
  • Mrs. Christy Fisher
    • Phone: 469-2686 x200
    • email: cfisher@ldsd.org
    • Written notes – can be in assignment book or a separate sheet & sent in with your child

Information/photos will also be available on our class webpage(www.ldsd.org –click on faculty—then Christy Fisher)

Newsletters will also be sent home weekly (most of the time). Third Grade news will provide info about the week’s activities and a list of upcoming events.

class special events
Class Special Events
  • We have a few special events that we celebrate as a class or grade level throughout the year.
    • Fall Fest (sometimes whole third grade in October)
    • Breakfast on PJ day before our December break
    • Snowflake Bentley (a whole third grade switch in January)
    • Valentine Exchange
  • Most of the celebrations are fairly low key, but occasionally we could use donations or parent help. If you’d like to be on the contact list for this please see the sign up note on the side rectangle table.
november conferences
November Conferences
  • November Conference slots are available.
  • Please see the sheets on the back table
    • Report Cards go home ????
    • Conferences available between 11/11 and 11/26
  • Not sure of your schedule? Not a problem. I’ll send reminders in October newsletters to contact me with a good time for you.
thank you for coming to open house
Thank You For Coming To Open House!
  • Parents---
    • Please take a paper copy of the slide show.
    • Stay to see any slides you’ve missed.
  • Third Graders –
    • Be sure to choose your desk by finding your name tag on the board and placing on a desk. (no moving other’s nametags) 
    • Try finding the places described on the scavenger hunt (by the front door) to get to know your classroom a little better
    • Don’t forget to say hi to Mrs. Fisher.