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Ms. Jill A. Allison, Teacher PowerPoint Presentation
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Ms. Jill A. Allison, Teacher

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Ms. Jill A. Allison, Teacher - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ms. Jill A. Allison, Teacher. J. Howland Middle School. A. 8202 South St. SE Warren, OH 44484 330-856-8250.

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Ms. Jill A. Allison, Teacher


Howland Middle School


8202 South St. SE

Warren, OH 44484


Business Package Letterhead –Directions and sample shown above of how it will look in PowerPoint before moving it to word for printing.

  • Group and copy your logo – open a new Powerpoint file. Design – Slide orientation – Select Portrait – then paste your logo (as a picture) and move it to the top of the page.
  • If you don’t see rulers –View – Ruler
  • Draw a line that is at 3 on the left vertical ruler to 2 at the right on the top horizontal (it will be 6” across, and 2” up and down. Change the thickness to 3 pt. Right click on the line – format shape – width = 3
  • Your logo should be above this line.
  • Select a real city and state that is outside of Ohio for your company location. Make up the 5 digit zip code.
  • Make up a street number and street name …can end in Ave., Circle, Blvd., Rd. St.
  • Type your name, Owner (your position)
  • Type your company name
  • Type your own email address (has @ in it no spaces) and a website URL for your company beginning with www. (again no spaces) end in .com. Add a phone # with the correct # of digits.
  • Move things, change fonts, to use white space and make it eye appealing.
  • Everything must be above your line drawn. When done save this as letterhead. Next Drag around the entire letterhead – right click – group -Copy - then open up a Microsoft Word File- right click– Paste (as a picture).
  • In Word it should fill up the top of the page. Save it there as LetterheadWordprint one copy from word on the color printer to keep in your folder for your large business package.