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dean allison

dean allison

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dean allison

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  1. Dean Allison

  2. Dean Allison is an artist that lives and works in Penland North Carolina. He currently works as the Glass Coordinator at the Penland School of Crafts. He received his Master of Art, Visual Arts in Glass from The Australian National University in Canberra in 2010 and a B.S. in Studio Arts from Illinois State University in 2001.

  3. He has also studied and/ or worked at The Northlands Creative Glass Center in Scotland, The Canberra Glass Works in Australia, Chiacgo Hot Glass, Pilchuck Glass School, The Studio at The Corning Museum of Glass, The Pittsburgh Glass Center, The University of Wolverhampton England and The University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. Dean has recently been recognized as a 2013 Rising Star from the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass

  4. Recent exhibitions include 50 by 50 at The Muskegon Museum of Art and Expose at Habatat Gallery. He is presently represented by Habatat gallery Michigan.

  5. Positives and negatives: casting glass with Dean Allison • This class will explore various materials and methods to achieve a form in cast glass. Demonstrations will cover the lost wax process, including rubber molds, and strategies for constructing plaster-based molds for kiln casting.

  6. Students will learn to understand positive and negative form, mold recipes, kilns set-up, how to capture detail, anneal and finish work in the cold shop. This class will help students think about reproducing form in glass and to become more thoughtful and efficient mold makers. Students should bring sketches, found objects, and forms that they would like to learn how to cast in glass.

  7. EMPIRE OF DECEIT (Dean Allison - Bruce B.Hendersson) • "Ben, you know you`re my best friend. Why`d you leave ? It was Smith. His voice sounded subdued. He was crying at least sound like it. " You hurt my feelings. Lee is all upset" "Ì dont`t give a damm; " Lewis still seating. The crying on the other end sounded fake to him. But even if it was real, it didn`t matter. None of this is making any sense. You`re spending money like water. You´re not paying back the bank. We might as well go on top of a high roof somewhere and throw the money away.

  8. are wasting it "" But I promised all those people, " Smith sobbed "that if Ali fought again I`d make sure they where to see him. I `ll take care of the money owed to the bank. We`ve got some big shows coming up_______" Ben hung up. He was disgusted. He hard heard it all before many times. He was tired of Harald and his excuses. • (from the book Empire of Deceit - Inside the biggest Sports and Bank Scandal in U.S. history)by Dean Allison & Bruce B. Henderson DOUBLEDAY & COMPANY, INC.Garden City, New York 1985.