comenius visit to hungary n.
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Comenius visit to Hungary PowerPoint Presentation
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Comenius visit to Hungary

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Comenius visit to Hungary

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Comenius visit to Hungary

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  1. Comenius visit to Hungary October 2014

  2. Sunday! We all arrived at Stansted ready for our journey to Hungary on Monday. We stayed in a lovely hotel & had a good nights sleep. Unlike the teachers!

  3. Day 1 Monday was mostly spent travelling. We arrived at the hotel in the afternoon and went for a walk to Lake Balaton, which was beautiful! On Tuesday we were up early to catch the bus to the school. This school is over 100 years old.

  4. Day 1 We were welcomed by an international drumming group who were amazing. Children from 5 to 16 were playing the drums.

  5. Day 1 We were welcomed to the town by the Mayor. The teachers received a nice present to take home with them!

  6. Tour of the school Familiar things! Staffroom – every teacher has a desk here The deputy head’s office was huge! Hot drinks machine. The teachers thought one of these would be good in the staff room.

  7. All of the art!

  8. Day 1. The children in the English class sang us some songs they had learned.

  9. Food in Hungary The food was ‘interesting’. We tried everything. Some things we liked….others, we did not like!

  10. Day 1 An ‘It’s a Knockout’ competition was organised for the afternoon. We represented England, and were helped by some of the Hungarian children.

  11. Day 1 We presented Andi with some English story books and her very own Wheaty for her school.

  12. Day 2 We worked out that we had been at school for 2 hours before you had all done your start of the day tasks! We were presented with a Comenius Dictionary which translates words into the 9 different languages of the Comenius countries.

  13. Day 2 We used the dictionary to complete different challenges. We were ace!

  14. Day 2 We also had to design a poster to represent one of the Comenius themes.

  15. Day 2 • January • February • March • April • May • June • July • August • September • October • November • December We also had to create a dance about the months of the year. We enjoyed our crazy moves showing the seasons and celebrations of our country.

  16. Day 2 After the dictionary activities, we travelled to Kesnicky where we visited a Palace!

  17. Day 2 After lunch, we went on a boat trip on Lake Balaton, followed by a little souvenir shopping.

  18. Day 2 Team photo!

  19. Day 3 Today we gave presentations on our work on the Comenius Project so far, then we left the teachers to carry on with their work, whilst we visited a local museum.

  20. Day 3 In the afternoon we were treated to a traditional Hungarian dance show.

  21. Day 3 And then we joined in!!

  22. Day 3 Finally, we were presented with gifts and a certificate to celebrate our visit.