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Public Relations. Administration & Organization of PE & Sport. Public Relations. Planned effort to influence opinion through good character & socially responsible performance based on mutually satisfactory two-way communications. Outside (public ) Inside (HR ) Elements:

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Public relations

Public Relations

Administration & Organization

of PE & Sport

Public relations1
Public Relations

  • Planned effort to influence opinion through good character & socially responsible performance based on mutually satisfactory two-way communications.

    • Outside (public)

    • Inside (HR)

  • Elements:

    • Careful planning & proper conduct

    • Advocacy, lobbying, persuasion & education

Public relations the many publics
Public Relations: The Many “Publics”

  • Who do you want to reach?

  • How will you reach them?

  • There are many “publics”

    • Race/ethnicity

    • Gender

    • Marital status

    • Economic/social status

    • Age

    • Disabilities

    • Religion

    • Education

    • Interests, Hobbies, Clubs, etc.

Public relations public opinion
Public Relations: Public Opinion

  • Are there stereotypes?

  • What is holding them back from action?

  • Do research…again!

    • Surveys

    • Focus Groups

    • Polls

    • Go with the statistics and not just management’s whims.

  • How can we apply this to 5k/FR?

Public relations program planning 1
Public Relations: Program Planning (1)

  • Establish a sound PR policy based on the organization’s mission & strengths at the time.

  • Identify the target market.

  • Conduct an audit to determine what users & nonusers believe, want, need to know about your program.

  • Identify the services, programs, & products that are needed and will yield the greatest dividends

  • Decide what facts/ideas will best help targeted consumers better understand the benefits of your program.

Public relations

Public Relations: Program Planning (2)

  • Decide what improvements will be needed to conduct or enhance programs.

  • Use effective planning techniques to generate mission statements, objectives, policies, goal setting, understanding, & appreciation.

  • Relate cost to opportunity for participants to achieve health.

  • Decide who is your PR person and identify their specific responsibilities.

  • Assess the PR process and rework if needed.

Public relations networking media
Public Relations: Networking/Media

  • Community events, meetings, local clubs, etc.

  • Press Release or ask media to attend your event

    • Well written, concise, informative, beneficial

    • Photos of people & action

Public relations communications
Public Relations: Communications

  • Know the message

  • Know the program

  • Know the target audience

  • Tailor the message

  • Tailor the presentation

  • Practice


Human resources basics
Human Resources: Basics

  • The process of accomplishing organizational objectives by finding, acquiring, developing, and keeping the right people to form a qualified workforce.

  • Keep human resources policies in a detailed handbook of policies.

  • What should be in the handbook?

Human resources the handbook
Human Resources: The Handbook

  • Vision & Mission Statement

  • Organizational Structure and Infrastructure

  • Employee Status Designation (professional, hourly, staff, seasonal)

  • Rules, Roles, & Assignments (work duties & obligations)

  • Rights & Responsibilities (personnel files, representatives)

  • Contract, Salary, & Terms of Agreement (temporary, probationary, salary, hiring, & termination)

  • Benefits Packages (hospitalization, retirement, life & health insurance)

  • Leaves of Absence (sick, personal, professional)

  • Grievance Definitions & Procedures (abuse, harassment)

  • Staff and In-Service Development Opportunities (legal, compliance, training, work life issues)

  • Assessment, Evaluation, Performance, & Approval Procedures & Timeframe

  • Promotion, Advancement, & Bonus Schedules

  • Physical & Health Status (physical ability, appearance)

  • Injury, Insurance, & Risk Management (disability, substance abuse)

Human resources handbook supplement
Human Resources: Handbook Supplement

  • Orientation of Staff

  • Leader Training

  • Job Descriptions

  • Supervision

  • Teamwork Lessons/Group Dynamics

  • Merit Recognition

  • Mentoring

Human resources the right people
Human Resources: The Right People

Bad Hires/Placements

Good Hires/Placements

  • Lower productivity

  • Outplacinglow-performance employees

  • Attracting, hiring, & training

  • Mistakes made by new hires

  • Lost productivity, stress, and anxiety

  • Lost customers

  • Damage to your brand image

  • Creativity

  • Enthusiasm

  • Productivity

  • Positive atmosphere

  • Connections with Customers

Consider professional athletes trading teams…

Human resources the right team
Human Resources: The Right Team

  • Why is teamwork more effective than individual work?

    • Provides increased motivation

    • Produce better solutions to problems

    • Members learn faster together

    • More new & innovative ideas & solutions when there is no critical evaluation

Human resources the right leader
Human Resources: The Right Leader

  • Establish high, yet attainable standards and goals

  • Create a positive working environment of trust & teamwork

  • Place staff in jobs that match their interests, talents, and passion

  • Encourage, enable, & acknowledge staff contributions to the total enterprise

  • Provide staff with tools, resources, support, & motivation to perform a quality job

  • Avoid threats, punishments, & fear by the use of appropriate counseling to improve performance and behavior

Human resources the right leader 2
Human Resources: The Right Leader (2)

  • Encourage staff to be full partners in policy and decision making, and program development & implementation

  • Be firm & fair in enforcing organizational policy and goals

  • Serve as a communicative link between management and employee

  • Appraise staff on objective, measurable performance criteria taking into account the situation (individual differences & task difficulty

  • Avoid playing favorites & seek to reward all. Make each feel like an integral part of the team.

  • Be approachable, friendly, sympathetic, and reliable, yet maintain a sense of dignity that comes with a supervisory position

Human resources leadership demands
Human Resources: Leadership Demands

  • Knowing Self: building deep insight into one's talent, limitations, values, and goals

  • Visioning: painting a compelling picture of the future that inspires others to action

  • Maximizing Values: enhancing the organization's core commitments and identity

  • Mentoring: investing in learning partnerships to strengthen the talent pipeline

  • Building a Constituency: mobilizing diverse groups across and beyond the organization

  • Challenging Experience: constantly raising the bar for performance expectations

  • Making Sense of Experience: helping others navigate complex environments