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Business Plan Presentation

Business Plan Presentation. Mission Statement !! Company X will build mutually beneficial relationships with customers so that we get what we want and they get what they want. This presentation is targeted at whom?. This presentation is targeted at whom? Angel / BES Investors?

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Business Plan Presentation

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  1. Business Plan Presentation Mission Statement !! Company X will build mutually beneficial relationships with customers so that we get what we want and they get what they want

  2. This presentation is targeted at whom? Thispresentation is targeted at whom? • Angel / BES Investors? • Venture Capitalists? • Bankers? • Suppliers? • Customers?

  3. Outline Management Development Strategy Opportunity & Vision Exit Financial

  4. Agenda • Opportunity • Vision • Management Team • Development Strategy • Financials • Exit

  5. Opportunity • Why is this a good opportunity? Why bother? • Who is the customer? • Why will the customer pay us for this? • Why is there commercial demand for what we are producing? • What core capability do we have to do this - why are we different enough or better enough than others to make this a success?

  6. Opportunity • Validation • How do we know what we know? • How do we prove the demand? • Market Environment • Is the market growing? • What is driving this market? • How competitive is it? • How will competitors react to us? • What positioning, strengths and/or alliances will get us to market and give us a sustainable position?

  7. Vision • What do we want to be? • How will customers perceive us? • What type of life and work do I want to be doing – my personal vision? • What will this business be in 12 months and 3 years time – revenues, location, people? • What products or services will we deliver? • What markets will we have a presence in? • What market position (first?) or share (20%) will we have?

  8. Management Team • Who are the team members or the partners? • What are the skills necessary for this business to succeed in this market? • What capability and experience does the current team have? • What is missing – how and when will these gaps be filled? • Where will we source the production, operational, financial and marketing expertise?

  9. Development Strategy • How is the Management Team going to achieve the vision? • Product • Operations • Route to Market

  10. Development Strategy • Product • Time to market? • How soon and how much will completed product development cost? • How much of the product/service remains to be developed? • How important is IPR versus speed to market? • What is the mix of product / service? • How will the product be made / service delivered? • How much do we need to invest in continued product development? • How much are our competitor’s production costs?

  11. Development Strategy • Operations • How much will it cost us to support the sales and production? • Where will the head offices be? Do we need to be present in several locations? • How many people will we need…sales…finance…admin…support …..and when? • What initial overheads will we have? • How flexible could our production / overheads be? • What are our competitors’ overhead?

  12. Development Strategy • Route to Market • How are you going to get this product to market? • Time to market – even with developed product – how long is sales lead-time? • Pipeline - customers for the first year?For each source of revenue, can we identify the customerswho will deliver it? • How will prospects be identified and approached? How many will need to be approached?

  13. Financials • Time and Quantum. • Sales • Pipeline – Route to market? • timeline to complete sales? • project/maintenance contracts v product sales? • how long to collect cash from sales? • Product costs • direct production costs – cost of sales, • how long to pay for purchases? • capital expenditure? • timeline to complete development?

  14. Financials • Time and Quantum. • Operations • cost of salesforce? • overhead costs of delivering sales and production? • immediate costs? • capital expenditure? • ongoing R&D costs?

  15. Financials - Profit

  16. Financials - Cashflow

  17. Exit • How would any prospective investor realise their investment? • Why invest unless there was a way of liquidating it? • What will my exit be? • Why am I doing this? • How will I measure my success?

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