6 th grade curriculum night n.
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6 th Grade Curriculum Night

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6 th Grade Curriculum Night - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mrs. Parson Mrs. Huntley Mrs. Owsley Mrs. Pawlik. 6 th Grade Curriculum Night. Welcome Daily Schedule Curriculum Homework School to home Communication Questions. Agenda . Daily Schedule. 8:05-8:10 Students arrive 8:10-8:40 Specials 8:45-9:55 Rotation I 10:00-11:10 Rotation II

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6 th grade curriculum night
Mrs. Parson

Mrs. Huntley

Mrs. Owsley

Mrs. Pawlik

6th Grade Curriculum Night

Daily Schedule



School to home Communication


daily schedule
Daily Schedule
  • 8:05-8:10 Students arrive
  • 8:10-8:40 Specials
  • 8:45-9:55 Rotation I
  • 10:00-11:10 Rotation II
  • 11:10-11:55 Lunch
  • 11:55-1:05 Rotation III
  • 1:05-2:15 Rotation IV
  • 2:15-2:35 SSR, AR
  • 2:35-2:40 pack up, dismiss
  • Literature studies- Egypt Game, The Giver, The Cay, A Single Shard
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Common Core Standards
  • AR Goal
  • Open Court reading series
language arts
Language Arts
  • Spalding (Spelling, Phonograms, & Handwriting)
  • Grammar
  • Writing-assignments vary by class
    • New Common Core standards require more expository, research, and argument-based writing, with less narrative writing.
  • Supplies needed: Please see Mrs. Pawlik’s website
  • Spalding Method
  • 20 Spalding words and 20-25 phonograms will be tested on Thursdays.
  • Handwriting will be graded based on Spalding criteria, not just “neat” handwriting.
written assignments grades
Written Assignments/Grades
  • There will be a minimum of three formal assignments per quarter.
  • Final drafts may be in cursive (in ink) or typed.
  • Time outside of class may be required to finish written assignments.
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated. This will result in a zero for the assignment.
  • Writing assignments may not be turned in late.
  • Rubrics will be available on Mrs. Pawlik’s website.
  • Vocabulary will be a part of the writing grade.
  • Spalding supported lessons
  • Easy Grammar
  • Teacher-made practice
  • Generally, a quiz will be given once a week on grammar concepts.
language homework
Language Homework
  • Given Mon.-Thurs. & checked Tues.-Fri.
  • Worth 5 points each day.
  • May be turned in ONE day late for 3 points. Homework turned in more than one day late will not be accepted.
  • Students must turn in work upon entering the classroom. If parents bring homework after class has started, it will be considered late work.
  • Common Core State Standards
    • District Blue Prints as primary instruction guide
    • Some Saxon from either course 2 or 3
  • Test days vary but typically on Fridays
  • Homework assigned Mon-Thurs
    • There are times when homework will be completed in class or before the end of the school day.
    • Don’t ask if they have homework– ask to see it
    • Students are responsible for checking their own homework. Help them choose which problems.
    • Monitoring system
  • Will need math tool kit – protractor, compass, ruler, graph paper for doing homework problems at home.
homework expectations
Homework Expectations

Homework should be done in an orderly manner in columns with all work shown.

Parents should monitor daily progress on homework.

homework monitoring
Homework Monitoring

Homework is monitored daily and may be entered into online grade book on a daily/weekly basis.

Students will be provided explicit instructions on how homework should be done.

Homework will not necessarily look like it has in years past. Saxon is not the core curriculum for 6th graders.

Always show work and provide explanations and reasoning.

When in doubt, write it out!!

social studies
Social Studies
  • Ancient Civilizations

Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Middle Ages, Asia, and Africa.

  • Vocabulary Development
  • Projects will correspond with each civilization
    • Projects include mummifying chickens, Scrapbook and road trip.
  • Scientific Method
  • Vocabulary development
  • Classroom Experiments
  • Science Fair Projects
  • Topics: Earth and Space Science, Physical Science and Life Science
  • Bring home assignments Monday-Thursday.
    • Students are expected to complete the work and turn it in finished the following day. A 50% will be given for late assignments. A zero will be given for long term assignments that are not completed on the due date.
    • Missing assignments lead to your child’s grade being lowered and possible low test scores.
    • Parent signature is expected nightly in the student agenda. Spot checked by teachers.
    • Problems: If your child is having difficulty, send an email to the subject teacher.
  • Each teacher has a website linked through our school website. www.mychandlerschools.org/liberty/site/default.asp
  • Completed/graded class work and tests will be handed back to individual students, by subject teacher. Please review the work on a weekly basis. Watch for parent signature requests.
  • CHECK EMAILS – PRIMARY AVENUE OF COMMUNICATION! If you prefer paper communication please let us know.
human growth and development
Human Growth and Development
  • 3 day program.
  • Boys and Girls are separated
  • Alternative Program is available
  • A signed permission slip is required
  • Schedule TBD – You will be notified!
august 28 29 conferences early dismissal
August 28 & 29 Conferences Early Dismissal
  • Longer group session conferences for most students
    • Several sessions to accommodate all parents – sign up/first come first served
  • Specific strategies will be discussed
  • Compare your student’s progress
  • See specific assessment scores
  • Preview of what to expect in the coming quarters
reward time
Reward Time
  • Twice a month on Fridays
  • For those with all work completed in all subject areas
  • For those with appropriate behavior on campus
drop off pick up
Drop Off/Pick Up
  • Please do not drop your children off before 7:45 AM.
  • Make sure to display your name plates in your windshield when picking up.
  • Follow the traffic directions entering and exiting the parking areas. The city will begin issuing tickets.