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  1. Schedule – Day 6 HOPE WAS HERE Author : Joan Bauer “Middle School Reads” PowerPoint by: Greg Lay and Alycia Beresford, M.Ed. 2011-2012

  2. HOPE WAS HERESchedule – Day 6 Take quiz on chapters 13 – 15 in language arts notebook Read vocabulary words in context. Use context clues to determine meaning Read chapters 16 - 18 Answer all comprehension and extension questions as thoughtfully and thoroughly as possible in the space provided in language arts notebook

  3. Vocabulary repertoire “Most people feel the pie is the standout dish in my repertoire.” (p. 146)

  4. Vocabulary repertoire (n.) the entire stock of skills, techniques, or devices used in a particular field or occupation

  5. Vocabulary shanks “G.T. said there was a place in Redding a half-hour away that had terrific lamb shanks – not as good as hers, of course, but what about it?” (p. 146)

  6. Vocabulary shanks (n.) a cut of meat from the top part of the front (fore shank) or back (hind shank) leg of an animal

  7. Vocabulary maneuver “I checked his face for signs of distress like they taught me to when I learned the Heimlich maneuver.” (p. 148)

  8. Vocabulary maneuver (n.) to manipulate or manage with skill

  9. Vocabulary epidemic “He coughed. ‘A date.’ I said, ‘What is this, an epidemic?’ ” (p. 149)

  10. Vocabulary epidemic (n.) widespread disease

  11. Vocabulary jarred “Then we looked at the dirty dishes on our table. Jarred back to reality.” (p. 152)

  12. Vocabulary jarred (v.) to have a harshly unpleasant or perturbing effect on one's nerves, feelings, thoughts

  13. Vocabulary slogged “I slogged through my first week and managed to find all my classes.” (p. 154)

  14. Vocabulary slogged (v.) to walk or plod heavily

  15. Vocabulary thesis “My history teacher said that I had yet to ‘grasp the value of stating a clear thesis.’ ” (p. 154)

  16. Vocabulary thesis (n.) a subject for a composition or essay

  17. Vocabulary meander “I’ve always been a person who meanders around to find truth.” (p. 154)

  18. Vocabulary meander (v.) to wander aimlessly; ramble

  19. Vocabulary misinformation “Three days later we had a blur of misinformation.” (p. 156)

  20. Vocabulary misinformation (n.) false or misleading information

  21. Vocabulary grueling “G.T. kept his grueling schedule, talking to people until he was ready to drop.” (p. 159)

  22. Vocabulary grueling (adj.) exhausting

  23. Vocabulary postmortems “The few reporters left in town had done what they called ‘postmortems’ and moved out because we weren’t important anymore.” (p. 163)

  24. Vocabulary postmortems (n.) occurring after the end of something; after the event

  25. Vocabulary larynx “My heart was in my larynx.” (p. 165)

  26. Vocabulary larynx (n.) vocal cord

  27. Vocabulary harped “His eyes squinted. ‘You harped on me to vote more than a human has the right to.’ ” (p. 165)

  28. Vocabulary harped (v.) to dwell on persistently or tediously

  29. 1.) Why does Hope feel new and odd at the beginning of the new school year? 2.) What does it mean to Hope if Addie marries G.T.? 3.) Political campaigns often resort to using lies and smear tactics. Discuss what is happening as the election nears. What is meant by the last line on p. 159 "But the lie was everywhere and it was winning."? How do you feel about this? What did Hope, Braverman, G.T., Al B. Hall and others try to do to set the record straight? HOPE WAS HEREQuestions for Ch. 16 - 18

  30. HOPE WAS HERELiterature Circle Role Descriptions(optional) Each day after reading, students can get into literature circle groups. Each group member has a distinct role and will be graded on quality and contribution he/she brings to the group. http://www.burgettstown.k12.pa.us/725220823232627560/lib/725220823232627560/Lit_Circles.Role_Sheets.pdf

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