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Hope Was Here

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Hope Was Here. Book By: Joan Bauer Report By: Kyla Frenia. Rating + review. Review:

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hope was here

Hope Was Here

Book By: Joan Bauer

Report By: Kyla Frenia

rating review
Rating + review


I thought Hope Was Here was great book. It outlined what can sometime happened in politics and the story kept at a place were It could be taken for true. The characters were also very well thought out and all had stand out quality's.


Character profile

Hope is a 16 year old girls who lives

With her aunt. Her name suits her

Perfectly as she brings hope to all

of those who she meets.

Addie is hope’s aunt/guardian. She is an amazing cook

And brings her own flair into everything she makes. After many failed restaurants she

Finally found her place when she moves to Mullhoney.

Character profile


Braverman is a tough cook

Who undoubtedly has a soft side.

Late in the book he becomes Hope’s boy friend and ends up waiting to go to college until Hope can go as well.

GT is a kind and accepting person. He has leukemia and said that he finally understood how important life was when he became sick. He is also Addie’s husband and Hope’s father.

The enemy!

Remember to fix the vote like I told you.

Eli Millstone, the man running against

GT, is a sneaky polotion. After being mayor for 8 years when someone finally runs against him he get’s down and dirty fixing up robberies, people to hassle his competion and even fixing the vote.


When Hope and her aunt Addie move once again to a small town in Wisconsin to work they end up getting sucked into the politics of the town. Their boss discovers that the mayor hasn’t exactly bean following the law so in the up and coming election he runs for mayor. With the new threat of actual compotation the old mayor Eli Milstone decides to play dirty and later ends up fixing the vote. But along with the election GT and Addie end up getting married giving Hope the father she had always wanted. But this happiness was short lived when a year and a half later GT dies of luckiemia.