nominal group technique n.
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Nominal Group Technique PowerPoint Presentation
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Nominal Group Technique

Nominal Group Technique

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Nominal Group Technique

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  1. Nominal Group Technique (NGT) With Multivoting Paula Mower WISD Director Assessment and Organizational Development February 2012

  2. Description Nominal group technique (NGT) is a structured brainstorming technique when combined with multivoting yields a list of the top priorities generated from a brainstormed list of ideas.

  3. Purpose • Use this tool when it is important to have all members of a group included in the decision making and a list of priorities is needed in order for the group to move forward with its work. • This work helps narrow the focus and allows ideas to rise to the top that are favored by all members participating.

  4. When to Use this Quality Tool • When it is important to have all voices included in the decision making • When group members have a variety of levels of experience with the topic • When an issue is controversial

  5. Materials Needed • Paper and pens for each participant • Flip Chart and markers for a group facilitator • Tape (for flip chart paper)

  6. NGT Procedure • State the purpose of the brainstorming. Clarify until all understand the issue. • Each team member silently writes down ideas (5-10 min.) • Group facilitator uses a round robin method to collect ideas and records ideas on flip chart paper. (No editing of ideas allowed) • A member may “pass” as the facilitators goes around the room.

  7. NGT continued… 5. After all ideas are recorded, members may ask clarifying questions and members may choose to strike an idea, but ALL must agree to any changes made. If agreement is not made the facilitator leaves the idea as originally written.

  8. Multivoting Steps • Combine duplicate ideas (be careful here…the originators of the ideas must agree that a duplicate idea exists) • Number ideas • Participants select top 5 ideas (more if the list is very long) by ranking their top or favorite idea as a ‘5’, their next favorite idea is given a weight of ‘4’, next idea is a ‘3’ and so on.

  9. Multivoting continued… 4. After all participants have weighted their selections the facilitator tallies the votes for each idea. 5. The top 5 ideas are those with the greatest weighted vote.

  10. Resource Need more information? The Quality Toolbox by Nancy R. Tague ASQ Quality Press Milwaukee, Wisconsin