introduction to elegant exposition n.
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Introduction to Elegant Exposition

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Introduction to Elegant Exposition - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to Elegant Exposition.

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The film takes off at the selection ceremony, or reaping, a nationally televised event complete with armed soldiers and a bubbly bubblehead M.C. (Elizabeth Banks), during which Katniss’s younger sister, Primrose (Willow Shields), is chosen. Katniss quickly volunteers to take Prim’s place, becoming, with Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), District 12’s tributes. The two are whisked off to the Capitol, where they’re plucked and primped by a team of gaudily hued stylists (overseen by a gilt-lidded Lenny Kravitz as Cinna), a potentially razor-sharp sequence that should underscore the Capitol’s decadence but here comes across as a variant on Dorothy’s cheery wash- and brush-up when she enters the Emerald City. Katniss may not be in Kansas, but neither does she seem in palpable danger. - ManohlaDargis, “Tested by a Picturesque Dystopia”


In the world of The Last of Us, society has collapsed and most humans are dead thanks to a fungal infection a whole lot worse than your garden variety athlete’s foot. Human society violently contracts and eventually turns savage, with humans killing humans over shoes and guns while hungry rings of fungal zombies seethe all around them. The game proper begins 20 years after human society's collapse, with a main character, Joel — his very name redolent of Old Testament ferocity — eking out a miserable existence of gun smuggling and ration card stealing in Boston after a long and (it is strongly suggested) ignoble career as a highwayman and thug. Joel, meet Ellie. Ellie is 14, damaged in ways both obvious and not, and needs to get elsewhere fast. Joel reluctantly agrees to take her. They travel from Boston to Pittsburgh, Wyoming, and Salt Lake City. Terrible things happen. A few beautiful things happen, too. Gradually their relationship deepens in ways only the most stonyhearted will resist. And then the game ends. - Chris Kohler (Wired) and Tom Bissel (Grantland)


As for the feel, it’s Ralph Lauren filtered through a surfer’s haze. The plank walls are whitewashed and hung with photos of sandy beaches, lightly clad women and Formula One race cars. Diners can perch on wire stools at the bar or sit back on low-slung benches upholstered in nautical blue and white. Rustic woven baskets encircle the light fixtures, and big fans waft the air. An oversize garage door opens between the main dining area and the expansive waterfront deck, creating one enormous rumpus room.

The food is simple and tasty and cheap. The tacos, on soft, four-inch tortillas, arrive nestled together on paper-lined trays and showered with a rough-cut salsa (they are far more carefully composed in photos on the Web site than they were on our two visits, when they seemed thrown together). For fillings, I had my favorites — the delicious tongue, lightly battered “Baja fish,” tender veal cheek, pork and pineapple, and spicy chicken — and there wasn’t a dud among them. - Alice Gabriel


Based on these two examples, what is exposition or expository writing? Please write your own definition.

Exposition is…


A covalent bond is the chemical bond that involves the sharing of electron pairs between atoms. The stable balance of attractive and repulsive forces between atoms when they share electrons is known as covalent bonding.[1] For many molecules, the sharing of electrons allows each atom to attain the equivalent of a full outer shell, corresponding to a stable electronic configuration.

With this third text in mind update your definition


Five-Year Old Exposition…


elegant exposition what to consider
ElegantExposition – What to Consider

* Who is your audience? (e.g. in a review, the exposition should not give away too much of the ending).

* How much space do you have?

* What is essential?

* What can be assumed the audience will already know and what needs to be explained? (e.g. Fault in our Starsis a book. Books are stories written down).


Some Beginning Advice

Position your audience – let them know what your subject is right off the bat.

Chapter 15 of Lindsay Lohan’s memoir Hey, Get Your Hands Off My Drugs…

Figure outwhat is most important and decide if you want to start with that or leave it to later.

Chapter 15 of Lindsay Lohan’s memoir Hey, Get Your Hands Off My Drugs deals with Lohan’s epic first meeting with Charlie Sheen.

Find the right moment for POP and spend time brainstorming the right word choice.

Chapter 15 of Lindsay Lohan’s memoir Hey, Get Your Hands Off My Drugs begins with a staccato burst of admissions – about Lohan’s drug use, about her…


Thin and Thick Questions

Thick Questions:

Why is the story written from the third -person perspective?

What moral does the story seem to espouse?

What is the significance of the third pig using man-made materials rather than things found in nature? Why might the original author have included bricks rather than stones?

Thin Questions:

Which house does the wolf go to first?

How many pigs are there?

What happens to the wolf at the end?