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Generational Differences

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Generational Differences. Planning requires a good understanding of the stakeholders implementing the plan or impacted by it. Generational Differences “Long-civic” Generation. Age 60+ Grew up in times of scarcity (Great Depression, World Wars) – banded together for survival

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generational differences

Generational Differences

Planning requires a good understanding of the stakeholders implementing the plan or impacted by it.

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generational differences long civic generation
Generational Differences“Long-civic” Generation
  • Age 60+
  • Grew up in times of scarcity (Great Depression, World Wars) – banded together for survival
  • Place importance on Affiliation – spending time with people of similar backgrounds and experiences
  • More time than money
  • Usually agricultural or manufacturing background
  • Accustomed to working in a hierarchical environment – position and titles are important
  • Past accomplishments have meaning

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generational differences boomers genx geny milleniums
Generational DifferencesBoomers, GenX, GenY, Milleniums
  • Age 55-, particularly true for 40-
  • Grew up in times of plenty – 24 hour stores, technology, instant communication, etc.
  • Place importance on Achievement – relationships are valuable, but secondary
  • More money than time
  • Usually knowledge worker or service background
  • Accustomed to working in a flat environment – everyone’s ideas and opinions have equal value
  • Past accomplishments are less meaningful – what have you done for me lately?

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generational differences truths about younger generations
Generational DifferencesTruths About Younger Generations
  • Time is very limited – anything they do must have “meaning”
  • Will spend $$ on things they think are important
  • Live in the 21st century – communications, socializing
  • Not looking for more “friends” – by the time you meet them, relationships already established
  • Multi-cultural, raised with equality, generally less religious, little patience for bigotry and intolerance
  • Less respect for authority – government and business corruption has taught them not to trust
  • Not “slackers” – actually more productive than earlier generations

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chapter differences affiliation chapters
Chapter Differences - Affiliation Chapters
  • Generally older members with average age increasing
  • Frequent socializing during and after rehearsals with low riser discipline
  • Less attention to singing quality – low audition standards and members sing “for fun”, not for specific goals
  • Low contest scores or not participating in contests at all
  • Difficulty attracting younger members and high-quality directors
  • High “churn rate” – most new members don’t stay longer than 2 years, because their needs aren’t being met

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chapter differences achievement chapters
Chapter Differences- Achievement Chapters
  • Generally younger members with average age static
  • Socializing limited to outside rehearsal times with high riser discipline
  • Strong focus on singing quality – specific goals defined and new goals set as prior goals are achieved
  • Moderate to high contest scores, frequent coaching to improve contest performance
  • Little difficulty in attracting younger members and high-quality directors
  • Lower “churn rate” – high audition standards ensure dedicated new members with needs being met

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chapter differences know who you are
Chapter Differences - Know Who You Are
  • Be honest with yourself
  • Most chapters are Affiliation chapters, but portray themselves as Achievement chapters
    • What are your contest and performance goals?
    • How hard are you willing to work to reach them?
    • Are you doing it, or just talking about it?
  • Are you meeting the needs of your members? Of the prospective members you’re recruiting?
  • Remember: a good Affiliation chapter is JUST AS VALUABLE as an Achievement chapter, but you must be MEETING THE NEEDS of Affiliation members

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chapter differences becoming what you want to be
Chapter DifferencesBecoming What You Want To Be
  • Recognize that the needs of Affiliation and Achievement members are very different
  • Accept that very few chapters can meet both needs successfully
  • Define “what you want to be when you grow up” – If you’re not there, what has to change?
  • If you decide to change: be prepared to lose members, perhaps many

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