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Pelling attractions and beyond
PellingAttractions and beyond

Pelling, according to me, can be described as the ‘Soul of Sikkim’. The sleepy little town, surrounded by thick alpine vegetation, and numerous waterfalls, possesses  a certain charm that gives it its own unique identity. The mighty Kanchenjunga, in close vicinity, keeps a constant vigil on the town, as if guarding it from monsters and evil spirits..

Pelling attractions and beyond1
Pelling Attractions and beyond

Pellingis much more than Kanchenjunga. There are numerous facets to the town in general, and the entire region as a whole. The area is a part of the Buddhist religious pilgrimage circuit that involves the Pemayangtse monastery, Khecheopalri lake, Rabdentse ruins, Tashiding monastery, Dubdimonaster (Yuksom) and the SangaChoeling monastery.

  • Besides the spiritual connectivity, Pelling has lots in store for the adventure aficionado too. It serves as a base for numerous treks, the most famous being the ‘Dzongri/Goecha La trek’.

  • When I think of Pelling, I think of smiling faces, school boys and girls playing football, long walks with nobody but the chirping birds to accompany you; along with a sight of a Buddhist monk or of a trekker trying to make a move forward.

  • From a regular tourist point of a view, there’s no dearth of options. These are the 5 places, which I think, should be on the topmost priority list of someone who’s out there to be face to face with the town’s and the region’s main attractions:

Pemayangtse monastery

It is one of the most well known monasteries in Sikkim. Built in the 17th century, it also happens to be one of the oldest in the state.

Khecheopalri lake 34kms
KhecheopalriLake (34kms)

This heavenly lake, believed to be a wish fulfilling lake, is revered both by Hindus and Buddhists. Serene, yet striking, you have to be at one of its corner to feel the divinity.

Rabdentse ruins

Now in ruins, Rabdentse used to be the second capital of the Kingdom of Sikkim from 1670-1814. Destroyed by the Gurkha army, only few structures remain in the compound, that provide a hint as to what might and grace the place would have held in its heydays.

Kanchenjunga falls 28kms
Kanchenjunga Falls (28kms)

It falls en route Yuksom. The road side falls are definitely are definitely worth a visit. They are not that huge, but grander than the Rimbi falls, which you will pass by before reaching here.

Singshore bridge 25kms
SingshoreBridge (25kms)

With a tag of being the second highest suspension bridge in all of Asia, the Singshore Bridge is one of the landmarks of Sikkim.

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