some key iso activities related to the environment l.
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Some key ISO activities related to the environment

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Some key ISO activities related to the environment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Some key ISO activities related to the environment. UNCTAD visit to the ISO/CS Geneva, 13 October 2010 Mr. Trevor Vyze Director, Standard Development Department . 1 038 standards produced in 2009. Customer. Collection of 18 834 ISO Standards. Vision & Strategy. Internal Process.

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some key iso activities related to the environment
Some key ISO activities related to the environment

UNCTAD visit to the ISO/CS

Geneva, 13 October 2010

Mr. Trevor Vyze

Director, Standard Development Department


1 038 standards produced in 2009


Collection of 18 834ISO Standards







Learning Growth

ISO – A Global System

Updated on 6 September 2010

163 national members

5 000 people

98% of world GNI

97% of world population

201 active TCs

3 251 technical bodies

100 000 experts

Central Secretariatin Geneva

155 FTE staff


distribution of iso members per continent as of 21 july 2010
Distribution of ISO members per continentas of 21 July 2010

MB+MC+MS distribution per continent

MB distribution per continent














Total: 107

Total: 163


(95 in 2003)

(147 in 2003)


emerging areas for standardization
Emerging areas for standardization



Climate change


Social responsibility


Future development



Title / Titre –

the water challenge
ISO/TC 30 – important work on “water metering” in closed conduits

ISO/TC 113, Hydrometry: open channels & groundwater: assessment of water resources possible only by its proper measurement

ISO/TC 147, Water quality – 245 published standards: sampling and measurement of physical, (bio-)chemical, (micro-)biological water characteristics

ISO/TC 224, Water treatment and drinking water – quality of services – providing confidence in areas of public/private transition

ISO/TC 253,Treated wastewater reuse for irrigation. performance of reusing waste water for irrigation systems addressing varying conditions of crops, soils and climate.

The water challenge

Updated Sept. 2009

Title / Titre –

soil quality
Soil quality

ISO/TC 190

Evaluation of criteria,

terminology and codification


Chemical methods and soil characteristics

Biological methods

Soil and site assessment

Title / Titre –

air quality
Air quality

ISO/TC 147

Stationary source emissions

Workplace atmospheres

Ambient atmospheres

General aspects


Indoor air

Title / Titre –

food agriculture and nutrition
Food, agriculture and nutrition
  • ISO/TC 34, Food products
  • 724 standards
  • Food safety (ISO 22000 series)
  • Detection of GMOs
  • Food traceability systems
  • Good manufacturing practices
  • Quality management systems for crop production
  • Irradiation of food
  • Microbiological examination methods
  • Many test methods

Title / Titre –

fisheries and aquaculture
Fisheries and aquaculture

ISO/TC 234 on Fisheries and aquaculture – ensuring sound ‘farmed fish’ production:

Aquaculture advisory group

Traceability of fish products

Environmental monitoring of the seabed impacts from marine finfish farms

Aquaculture technology

Food safety for aquaculture farms

Methodology for sea lice counts

Calculation of FIFO (fish in fish out) and FCR (feed conversion ratio)

Title / Titre –


Liquids, gasses and solids covered

Now also have a Project Committee on Sustainable biofuels.

Cross cutting issues (including terminology and verification and audit)

Greenhouse gases

Environmental, economic and social aspects

Indirect effects.

Work Item is ISO 13065 Sustainability criteria for biofuel

Title / Titre –

social responsibility
Social responsibility

SR/WG under TMB

444 participating experts and 188 observers of

91 member countries

42 organizations in liaison

ISO 26000: Target publication date 2010-11-01

Updated Sept. 2009

Title / Titre –

extract from iso 26000
Extract from ISO 26000

6.5.6 Environmental issue 4: Protection of the environment, biodiversity and restoration of natural habitats Description of the issue


an organization can become more socially responsible by acting to protect the environment and restore natural habitats and the various functions and services that ecosystems provide (such as food and water, climate regulation, soil formation and recreational opportunities). Key aspects of this issue include:

valuing and protecting biodiversity Biodiversity is the variety of life in all its forms, levels and combinations; it includes ecosystem diversity, species diversity and genetic diversity. Protecting biodiversity aims to ensure the survival of terrestrial and aquatic species, genetic diversity and natural ecosystems

valuing, protecting and restoring ecosystem services Ecosystems contribute to the well-being of society by providing services such as food, water, fuel, flood control, soil, pollinators, natural fibres,

Title / Titre –

iso tc 207 scope and membership
ISO TC 207 Scope and Membership
  • Scope: Standardization in the field of environmental management systems and tools in support of sustainable development.
  • Membership:
    • 75 Participating Countries,
    • 26 Observing Countries,
    • 41 Liaison organizations.

Title / Titre –

iso 14000 principles
ISO 14000 Principles
  • ISO 14000 series standards should:
    • Encourage improved environmental management and performance;
    • Be applicable in all nations;
    • Balance the interests of regulators, users and the public;
    • Be non-prescriptive, flexible tools;
    • Be cost-effective, practical and useable.

Title / Titre –



Title / Titre –