mythology and other latin things in harry potter
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Mythology and other Latin things in Harry Potter

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Mythology and other Latin things in Harry Potter - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mythology and other Latin things in Harry Potter. Fluffy. Who is Fluffy in mythology?. Felix Felicis Potion. Hermione Granger. In Greek mythology Hermione is the only daughter of Melelaus and Helen. Voldemort / The Dark Lord. volo, volare, volavi = to fly de = from mors = death

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Who is Fluffy in mythology?

hermione granger
Hermione Granger
  • In Greek mythology Hermione is the only daughter of Melelaus and Helen
voldemort the dark lord
Voldemort / The Dark Lord
  • volo, volare, volavi = to fly
  • de = from
  • mors = death
  • French for “Flight of Death”
  • Anagram Tom Marvalo Riddle
  • volo, velle, volui
  • mirabilis
  • Shakespeare character Malvolio
  • Weasly’s family owl
  • Old and clumsy
  • From erro, errare, erravi: to wander
arabella figg
Arabella Figg
  • Arabella is a combination of the Latin words ara and bella
  • Ara is the Latin word for altar and bella is the Latin adjective for beautiful
albus dumbledore
Albus Dumbledore
  • First name is from the adjective albus, alba, album: white
  • Dumbledore is Old English for bumblebee
ludo bagman
Ludo Bagman
  • The word Ludo is from ludus, ludi- game/play/sport in Latin
  • In the Goblet of Fire he had a role in the Quidditch World Cup and in the TriWizard tournament
  • Bagman is Englishslang for someone who collects money
remus lupin
Remus Lupin

Remus is the legendary

brother of Romulus,

The founder of Rome

lupus, lupi: wolf

professor filius flitwick
Professor Filius Flitwick
  • Filius is from filius, filii: son
  • Flitwick is a town in England
professor severus snape
Professor Severus Snape
  • Severus was the name of several Roman emperors and saints
  • severus, severa, severum: adjective that means strict or severe
  • Snape is a town in England
  • Snape is a ship building Term
  • Percy’s pet owl
  • Named after the god Mercury/Hermes
  • What was Hermes the god of?
professor sibyl trelawney
Professor Sibyl Trelawney

Trelawney is an English

name meaning “for God”

dolores umbridge
Dolores Umbridge
  • dolor, doloris means pain or grief in Latin
  • Umbridge is a homonym for the English word umbrage which means to take offense
  • It can also be derived from the Latin word umbra
professor sinistra
Professor Sinistra
  • sinistra is the Latin word for left hand
  • Sinister is English means something that is evil
  • She is the astronomy teacher at Hogwarts
  • Her first name is Aurora, who is the Roman goddess of the dawn
draco malfoy and his family
Draco Malfoy and His family
  • Draco’s first name is from draco, draconis: dragon
  • His last name is French mal foy “bad faith”
  • Lucius is a Roman Name
  • Narcissus = Narcissa
rubeus hagrid
Rubeus Hagrid
  • Possibly from the Latin word rubeus, rubea, rubeum: red
  • Last name is oldEnglish for bad night
professor septima vector
Professor Septima Vector
  • Ancient ruins teacher
  • First name Septima from septem
  • vector is from vecto, vectare, vectvi: to carry
  • vector used in math