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Obedience Training

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Obedience Training

This program is for dogs over six months of age. Even the friendliest, most lovable dog in the world can be more than a handful if not properly trained. In fact, sometimes it's the most outgoing and exuberant dogs that are the hardest to control. But regardless of your dog's personality type you want her to be a good citizen who is always welcome to share your space.


Advanced On and Off Leash Training

Some people choose to continue working with professional instruction as their dog advances on to more difficult tasks and challenging environments, such as remaining well controlled outside and in the face of increasing distraction. Some wish to train off leash. The Trained Canine is always happy to work with you on these goals!

For moral and legal reasons The Trained Canine will only undertake off leash training with a dog that is already well disciplined in the basics and in a safe enclosed environment. The duration of training along with the goals of the owner should be discussed during an in person evaluation.


Day Training

Lots of people today are too busy to devote the necessary amount of time to their dogs to get them trained and well-behaved. Standard in-home training consists of once weekly lessons that you practice and reinforce on a daily basis. If you choose the Day Training option we will come to your home 3 to 4 times a week while you are at work or busy doing something else and do the heavy lifting for you. You still need to participate once a week to get up to speed but your dog gets the benefit of learning directly from the expert most of the time.


Aggression & Anxiety

More challenging are dogs that have what could be referred to as personality disorders or emotional disturbances. These are dogs that display aggression, nervousness & anxiety, or a mixture of both. Such dogs are potentially dangerous to you, your family and your friends.  Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety or phobias are included in this category.

There is no one reason why a dog may develop anti-social behavior. A lack of proper socialization as a puppy is often a factor. So, too, is a dog's natural temperament and exposure to previous trauma. Don't make the mistake of hoping that these types of problems will simply disappear or be outgrown. Fearfulness and aggression usually escalate over time and become triggered ever more easily.