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The price of Gas

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The price of Gas
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The price of Gas

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  1. The price of Gas 4.19 per gal

  2. The price of Gas Hello everyone, We hear that the price of gas will climb to approximately $4.19 per gal By this summer.

  3. The price of Gas Do you want the price of gas to go down? IT IS POSSIBLE! We must act NOW and wisely !

  4. The price of Gas Last year, a few suggestions were made, for instance: « Do not buy gas on certain days»! Gas companies had a good laugh, as they knew that the gas that was not purchased on Monday would be purchased on Tuesday. At best, it was an inconvenience for them, but not a problem.

  5. The price of Gas Someone thought of a plan that can work IF WE REALLY WANT IT Read the following and join us to implement it!

  6. The price of Gas Gas now sells for 3.09¢ per gal For regular unleaded As an average for USA In some areas, the price is even higher. We all know that we are “being taken for a ride” by the gas companies.

  7. The price of Gas Remember that when gas companies raised the price of gas over $2.00 per gal. They argued that gas would be in short supply. There is more gas now than 35 years ago when the price was 29¢ per gal. Gas companies want us to believe that gas is cheap at 1.99¢ per gal.

  8. The price of Gas We must act agressively and Show them that the consumers Can have some control over prices and not only gas companies. The best way to be successful is to hit where it hurts: their bank accounts! WE CAN DO IT !

  9. The price of Gas HOW?

  10. The price of Gas As we all need our vehicles, we cannot simply stop buying gas. However, we can have a significant impact on the price of gas IF WE ACT TOGETHER to initiate a PRICE WAR!!!

  11. The price of Gas This idea is suggested: For the remainder of the year, WE DO NOT BUY ANY GAS FROM The two largest companies (who are now only ONE) Exxon and SHELL

  12. The price of Gas Think about it! If the major gas companies do not sell gas, they will unavoidably lower their prices and this will immediately result in a PRICE WAR. In order to generate the desired impact, we must reach millions of Exxon and SHELLconsumers.

  13. The price of Gas This is how we must proceed!

  14. The price of Gas I am sending this e-mail to approximately 30 people. If everyone sends this e-mail to 10 others, we already have reached 300 people. If 300 send this message to 3 000 more people, and so on… We will reach 3 MILLIONS people in no time… You see what I mean…

  15. The price of Gas If each and everyone of you forward this message to 10 people within a day or so, we will be 300 MILLIONS of people To go to war against these gas companies in approximately8 days! Do you really believe that they will have other options?

  16. The price of Gas YES, WE CAN WIN BUT…

  17. The price of Gas It is absolutely NECESSARY To continue purchasing our gas ELSEWHERE Than at Exxon and SHELL and this, until we reach our objective. And, MOST OF ALL, LET US FORWARD THIS MESSAGE! CAN WE COUNT ON YOU…?