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Workforce Planning Business Unit Planning Tool Kit (draft) PowerPoint Presentation
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Workforce Planning Business Unit Planning Tool Kit (draft)

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Workforce Planning Business Unit Planning Tool Kit (draft) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Workforce Planning Business Unit Planning Tool Kit (draft). Essential Elements of Strategic Workforce Planning. The Building Analogy. Sustainable. 5. It must be built to withstand time. Team. 4. It requires a team approach to complete. Skills. 3. It must have critical skills to build.

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Workforce Planning Business Unit Planning Tool Kit (draft)

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Workforce Planning

Business Unit Planning Tool Kit (draft)

the building analogy
The Building Analogy
  • Sustainable
  • 5
  • It must be built to withstand time
  • Team
  • 4
  • It requires a team approach to complete
  • Skills
  • 3
  • It must have critical skills to build
  • Plan
  • 2
  • It must have a solid plan
  • Foundation
  • 1
  • Every building needs a strong foundation
building the house planning
Building the House - Planning
  • Why are we building a house
  • Is it a New house or a Remodel
  • What kind of house do we need
  • What do we need from this house
  • How soon do we need build our house
  • What do the plans need to include
  • Where will we build the house
strategic workforce planning
Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Business Strategy Planning

SWP enables us to evaluate workforce alignment to business strategy and identify risk to meeting organizations plans. SWP connects business , financial and workforce plan together.

  • Financial Planning
  • Strategic Workforce Planning

HR Architected


Line Driven/ Implemented

directional understanding
Directional Understanding
  • Where is the organization moving towards
  • What are their financial factors
  • What are the environmental factors
  • Who are the stake holders and what are their needs
business unit planning process
Business Unit Planning Process
  • Workforce Risk Assessment
  • Strategy Analysis
  • Workforce Segmentation
  • Scenario Planning
  • Environmental Scan
strategy analysis
Strategy Analysis

Link Workforce Needs to Corporate Business Strategies

  • What is the organizations business strategy
  • What are the business objectives
  • What are the business drivers
      • Growth
      • Financial
      • Market
  • Corp Strategies
  • Unit Business Plan
  • Workforce Direction
workforce segmentation
Workforce Segmentation

New Skill and Productivity Requirements

Future & Current Critical Skills/Jobs

What are the Workforce Demands

  • What roles in the organization are essential to implementing the business strategy?
  • Try to identify the three to five roles that are absolutely critical.
  • CEWD has identified the following job groups as important
    • Technicians
    • Plant Operators
    • Engineers
environmental scan
Environmental Scan
  • External Impacts
  • Governmental/Economic
  • Energy Industry Trends
  • Educational
  • Internal Impacts
  • Financial
  • Organizational
  • Employee
potential external impacts
Potential External Impacts


  • Current commitments with Public Utility Commissions that would limit hiring strategies, i.e. rate case issues.
  • Regional population growth rates impacts
  • Regional unemployment rates impacts
  • Pending legislation that may affect hiring practices and benefits

Energy Industry Trends

  • Merger and acquisition trends
  • New Technology Strategies
  • Projected  growth in energy needs
  • Outsourcing trends on base load work


  • What are the types of educational program supporting the energy sector. Are these programs available in the recruiting geo-graphic area.
  • What are the enrollments and graduation rates for these programs
  • What is the diversity mix of students in these programs
potential internal impacts
Potential Internal Impacts

Financial Considerations

  • Projected company growth in new customers
  • Review of company capital projects for the next 1 to 5 years
  • Review of company O&M requirements for the next 1 to 5 years
  • Budget available for “STAFFING MARGIN”
  • Budget availability for training and development requirements

Organizational Considerations

  • Organizational changes, i.e. Leader changes, department consolidations, etc
  • Organizational capacity requirements
  • Knowledge, skills and abilities for current employees
  • Current labor agreement provisions and expiration dates
  • Organization’s relationship with unions (collaborative or adversarial)

Employee Demographics

  • Turnover rates, retirement and non-retirement. Reason for turnover.
  • Demographic profiles of current employees, age, race, gender, length of service, retirement eligibility and other unique factors by organization
scenario planning
Scenario Planning

Illustration purposes only

workforce risk assessment
Workforce Risk Assessment

Illustration purposes only

managing wfp risk
Managing WFP Risk
  • What are your Key Risk indicators
    • % of attrition by job
    • % eligible to retire
    • Ave age of employee
    • Ave years of service
    • Ave time to fill critical positions
    • Ave training lead times
    • % of empl completing training
  • What are your Business Drivers
    • Qualified workforce
    • Process efficiencies
    • Budget/Financial
    • Effectiveness use of talent
    • Organizational performance
    • Safety objectives
    • Leadership effectiveness
  • What are your Risk Events
    • Knowledge deficiencies
    • Insufficient skill sets
    • Equipment failures
    • Unplanned outages
    • Regulatory oversight
  • What are your Potential Impacts
    • Financial/Earnings
    • Safety
    • Staffing
    • Customer
    • Business Performance
building a case for action
Building a Case for Action

Using the Planning Process, Build a Case for Action

  • Purpose
  • Strategic & Operational Effects
  • Approach & Methods
  • Business Value Impact
  • Risk and Uncertainty
develop a hiring approach
Develop a Hiring Approach

Illustration purposes only

Where will the future sources of talent be found?

military impact on talent sources
Military Impact on Talent Sources

There will be more veterans looking for careers in the near future!

Source – McClatchy Newspapers, 2-13-2012

troops to energy jobs opportunity
Troops to Energy Jobs Opportunity

With over 102,400 veterans entering the workforce and over 103,500 utility needing to be filled over the next 3 to 4 years……

GREAT OPPORTUNITY for Troops to Energy Jobs to have an impact on our industry!


Other Samples of Business &

Strategic Planning Models

five elements of a strategic plan
Five Elements of a Strategic Plan
  • Vision Statement
  • What’s Important
  • Org Schedule


  • Mission Statement
  • Core Business




  • What’s Measured
  • Critical Success Factors
  • Strategies & Actions
  • Key Objectives




swot analysis impacts
SWOT Analysis Impacts


What are my gaps and weaknesses


What are the internal and external issues






What are our strengths


What can we leverage and improve

pest analysis impacts
PEST Analysis Impacts

What are the impacts of these factors?

Political Factors


Technological Factors



Economic Factors


Sociological Factors

porter s 5 forces model
Porter’s 5 Forces Model

What are the forces impacting an organization?

Potential Entrant





mckinsey 7s model
McKinsey 7S Model

How are these elements impacting an organization?