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Michigan Victory Games

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Michigan Victory Games. Volunteer Orientation. Stella Husch Strive, Inc. 7183 N Main St., Suite E Clarkston, MI 48346 shusch@striveonline.org (248) 922- 1236 ph/fax www.striveonline.org www.michiganvictorygames.com. Who is the Games Director?.

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michigan victory games

Michigan Victory Games

Volunteer Orientation

who is the games director

Stella Husch

Strive, Inc.

7183 N Main St., Suite E

Clarkston, MI 48346


(248) 922- 1236 ph/fax



Who is the Games Director?
what is strive inc

Strive, Inc. is a non- profit organization that provides individual and group recreational opportunities to individuals with disabilities.

  • Strive, Inc. offers partners with various other organizations to increase the recreational programs throughout Michigan.
What is Strive, Inc?
how did strive get involved

Although Stella Husch, Director of Strive, Inc, is the Games Director, the games are technically contracted out to Strive Inc.

  • Why? That way, the MVG can reap many benefits of having a “non- profit” status when fundraising and developing other programs that benefit athletes with disabilities.
How did Strive get involved?
what does the games director do

Games Director is Independently Contracted to run and organize the Michigan Victory Games.

  • The Games Director is NOT considered a member of the Michigan Disability Sports Alliance Board of Directors.
  • Games Director contract is usually valid for 1 year and a stipend is given.
What does the Games Director do?
history of the games cont d

In 1985, the “CP games” started to include those with “Les/ Autres” which just meant those athletes who have another disability other than Cerebral Palsy.

  • To incorporate more athletes into the games, the “CP games” changed it’s name to “Michigan Victory Games” to ensure that athletes of all physical impairments could be included to compete.
History of the Games (cont’d)
games director tasks include

Securing location of event.

  • Update and collect all team/ athlete paperwork, organize necessary items to run the MVG and implementation of the MVG.
  • Reporting monthly to MiDSA board of updates in preparation status.
  • Recruits and identifies Games Staff to run each individual venue (event) for the MVG.
  • At this time, Games Director also organizes volunteers for the MVG. The MiDSA board also helps to recruit volunteers for the MVG.
Games Director tasks include
what is the midsa

The Michigan Disabilities Sports Alliance (MiDSA) is the governing body for the Michigan Victory Games.

  • The MiDSA actively recruit members to ensure that Michigan athletes with disabilities have a voice in regards to what the organization does.
  • The MiDSA board is elected for certain terms of office. Each board member attends monthly meetings and take on tasks to secure that the MiDSA is following out its members’ wants and needs.
  • Any current member of MiDSA can run for the Board of Directors.
What is the MiDSA?
midsa board members include

President: Mary Ann Weaver

  • Vice- President: Ryan Husch
  • Treasurer: Lori Soma
  • Secretary: Katie Ellis
  • Athlete Rep: Rafael Ortiz

Matthew Weaver

Adam Brewster

Marissa Siebel

Mary Ellen Clancy

Amanda Leyrer

Kyle Hosler

MiDSA Board members include:
michigan victory games10

Michigan’s Premiere Sporting competition for athletes with Physical Disabilities.

  • It is NOT the special olympics.
  • Not recreational in nature.
  • Athletes are serious athletes willing to work hard to continue to compete at other levels such as the World Games, National events and Paralympics.
  • Athletes must have a primary diagnosis of a physical disability.
Michigan Victory Games
history of the mvg

The very first MVG was held in 1976.

  • The MVG has been held in various locations throughout the years, including Wayne State University, Central Michigan University and Michigan State University.
  • It was first previously “coined” the Cerebral Palsy Sports Games as most of our athletes had Cerebral Palsy in the early years of the program.
History of the MVG
history of mvg cont d

Since around 1993, the MVG has been at Michigan State University.

  • Stella Husch has been the director since 2007.
  • Most athletes and coaches have been active in the MVG for many MANY years.
History of MVG (cont’d)
games staff

The Games Director is in charge of securing staffing for each event held at the Michigan Victory Games.

  • Often times, the staff are people (team coaches, board members and family) who have been more directly related to the games.
  • Sometimes, staff are also chosen from those who have stated interest increasing his/her involvement or those who have stated an expertise is a certain sport area.
Games Staff
how are coaches chosen

Each team head coach or manager is in charge of choosing the coaches for their team.

  • Some coaches are chosen by the independent athletes also.
  • If you are interested in becoming a coach, you can contact the teams individually to do so.
  • Most coaches for the teams are not paid and usually stay for the entire weekend of the MVG.
How are coaches chosen?
how do you join a team

Contact head coach of the team to see what your involvement can be.

  • Start your own team if you know of athletes with physical disabilities and become the coach.
  • Contact Stella Husch to see where you can be placed.
How do you join a team?
can i start a team myself

YES!!!!!! We are always interested in increasing the numbers of competitors.

  • How can you start a team?
      • Hook up with an organization (such as those dealing with Traumatic Brain Injuries, hospitals, or others) to see if there are athletes that are interested.
      • Contact Stella Husch to get the paperwork.
      • Have the athletes complete paperwork and turn in.
      • Develop your team dynamics as far as coaches, volunteers, where to practice, etc.
Can I start a team myself?
what athletes are eligible

Those with:

    • Cerebral Palsy
    • Traumatic Brain Injury or Closed Head Injury
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Muscular Dystrophy
    • Stroke
    • And other documented issues…
What athletes are eligible?
how are athletes chosen to fairly compete against each other

Each athlete is “classified” into a proper athletic ability group. This ensures that there is “fair competition” between like- abilitied athletes in each event.

  • Classifications are divided into 2 groups:
    • The CP class
    • The LA class (anyone who doesn’t have CP is categorized here)
  • Both CP and LA groups are then further divided into classification numbers of 1 through 8 depending on ability.
How are athletes chosen to fairly compete against each other?
the mvg numbers

We have about 75 athletes that compete in our MVG.

  • Another 30- 40 or so coaches are involved with those athletes.
  • About 30 games staff.
  • About 75 or so volunteers.
  • Athletes and their coaches pay around $300 per person to participate.
  • All athletes and coaches are also required to pay their MiDSA annual membership.
The MVG numbers……..
events offered at the mvg


  • Slalom
  • Individual, Team and Pairs Bocci
  • Cross Country
  • Bowling
  • Power lifting
  • Table Tennis
  • Track
  • Field
  • Cycling and Handcycling
Events offered at the MVG
volunteer tasks are


  • Record Keeping
  • Measuring
  • Timing
  • Marshalling
  • Referees
  • Runners
  • Assist with Meals
  • Opening/ Closing Ceremonies
  • MiDSA Store
  • Command Center
  • Observers
  • Drivers
  • Aides to Athletes
Volunteer tasks are…..
equipment tasks

Set up/ take down equipment

  • Organize/ inventory equipment
  • Shop for needed items
  • Hang Banners
  • Put up signage throughout venues
Equipment tasks
record keeping

Write down measurements and times for the athletes

  • Input scores into main Command Center computer
Record Keeping

With direction from the Games Staff person for the event, you will be asked to “measure” the distance of implements that were thrown by the athletes.

  • Sometimes, asked to “mark” the exact location that the implement landed.

With direction of the Games Staff person of the event, you will be asked to use stopwatches to time the athletes speed.

  • Timers usually keep scores/ times and have to bring them to the record keeper to write down.
  • Events that use timers include: slalom, track, bocci, swimming, cycling, some class 1 events, hand cycling, and cross country.
  • How to time……………………….

Gathering the athletes signed up for whichever event in a certain location/ area.

  • Announcing the event next on deck to be run.
  • Getting those proper athletes to correct locations at the appropriate time.

Understanding rules of event.

  • Qualifying/ Disqualifying athletes according to those rules.
  • Manage appropriate event markers and in bounds lines to compete in.

Assist in hands- on needs that may include communicating the needs of the event back to the command center

  • Running various tasks to places of interested as deemed by event coordinator
  • Running information to places of interest.
assist with meal times

Assist athlete in need with meals.

  • Tasks may include:
    • Helping carry or obtain their food/ drinks from the meal line.
    • Assist in cutting food to ensure safe consumption.
    • Possibly feeding an athlete if needed.
    • Assist in clean up and help put trays back into proper location.
    • Assist in taking meal tickets on- site of those who purchase meals independently.
    • Assist in sales of meal tickets to family/ friends who are hungry. 
Assist with meal times
opening closing ceremonies

Assist in planning of event as needed

  • Assist in set up for event
  • Assist in clean up
  • Be banner holder for event
  • Develop/ create items as needed for event
  • Helping get athletes into ceremonies and seated/ organized into the room
Opening/ Closing Ceremonies
command center

Assist Games Director on tasks to be completed at Command Center

  • Assist with registration
  • Labeling placement ribbons/ medals
  • Distributing materials to athletes/ coaches
  • Inputting scores/ times into computer
  • Posting results
  • Distributing with parking passes/ meal tickets
  • Various communication needs
  • Shopping
  • Organization
Command Center

Viewing during each event to make sure safety is always present

  • Stop traffic for road courses as needed
  • Welcoming
  • Assist in loading/ unloading of athlete or organization equipment
hands on aide

Assist in running or cycling with athletes during the event to keep safety precautions during event.

  • Assist in making sure athlete knows of proper direction of event course.
Hands- on aide
ways to support midsa mvg

Family and friends support letter

  • Hungry Howie’s pizza fundraiser
  • Donations
  • Market and spread the word about the games
  • Start a new team
  • Get more volunteers to assist. Lansing area volunteers are DESPERATELY needed.
  • Get your friends and family members who are business members to purchase an advertisement in the program booklet or become a event sponsor.
Ways to support MiDSA/ MVG
what mvg costs the midsa

Total the games cost about $48,000.00

  • Broken down to:
    • MiDSA pays approximately $5000.00 in just facility fees to host each athletic event.
    • MiDSA pays approximately $60.00 per night for each room used. (double occup.)
    • MiDSA pays another $25 per day for each person to eat during the MVG.

Any donations help to offset these costs.

What MVG costs the MiDSA
mvg forms

In case you want to know, we will review the forms that need to be completed by each athlete/ team in order to register for the MVG.

See me after

MVG forms