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end of course examination l.
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End-of-Course Examination PowerPoint Presentation
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End-of-Course Examination

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End-of-Course Examination
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End-of-Course Examination

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  1. End-of-Course Examination • This End-of-Course examination contains {xx} questions. You can only take this exam once. Before you begin, be sure you have enough time to finish it. • You may use your notes and other resources to take this exam. However, once you close out the exam browser window, your test will be considered complete and you will not be able to re-enter the exam. • Note: Some questions on this evaluation ask you to “Select ALL the correct answers, then Submit.” Be sure to select ALL the correct choices. Partial answers will be scored incorrect. • You must score at least 70% or higher on this end of course examination to be eligible for the {xx} Continuing Education Credits associated with satisfactory completion of this course. Continue >>

  2. a) Answer Choice A b) Answer Choice B c) Answer Choice C d) Answer Choice D Submit Type the question here You must answer the question before continuing Incorrect - Click anywhere to continue Correct - Click anywhere to continue

  3. a type the item here a. type the answer here d type the item here b. type the answer here c type the item here c. type the answer here b type the item here d. type the answer here e type the item here e. type the answer here Submit Type the question here Column 1 Column 2 Incorrect - Click anywhere to continue Correct - Click anywhere to continue You must answer the question before continuing

  4. End-of-Course Exam Feedback Question Feedback/Review Information Will Appear Here This completes {NHI-xxxxx Course Title.}. If you have not already given us your feedback, please select this link so that NHI may continually improve this course. Select this link to obtain your course certificate.