It s lunch time
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It’s Lunch Time!. iMiddle Lunchtime Procedures 2013/2014. WALK to lunch with your SURGE teacher When you arrive, select a line. If you are only buying snacks, you are only allowed to buy for YOURSELF! There are two outside lines and one inside line

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It s lunch time

It’s Lunch Time!

iMiddle Lunchtime Procedures


Getting to lunch

  • WALK to lunch with your SURGE teacher

  • When you arrive, select a line. If you are only buying snacks, you are only allowed to buy for YOURSELF!

  • There are two outside lines and one inside line

  • The SAME food is offered in each line- the inside line offers a salad bar in addition to the hot lunch

Getting to Lunch

Lunch pin

  • In order to receive a lunch, you need a lunch PIN. You should have received one already

  • This is the same as last year if you are an 8th grader

  • Write your PIN somewhere you will remember where it is!

  • You must have your PIN ready to punch in when you get a lunch, even if you pay cash

  • If you need help or forget, see a staff member during lunch

  • If you did not receive a lunch PIN, notify your cafeteria cashier and they will make a note of it, you still will get a lunch. Sometimes it takes 4 days to get your PIN from the system if you are a new student

Lunch PIN

Lunch lines

  • There will not be any cutting in front of others when getting in line or you will risk being sent to the end of the line

  • You are not allowed to buy food for your friends. All students must get in line if they want to purchase food

  • You must stand behind the red line until it is your turn, pay attention when in line

  • You may go to the front of the line if you have a special pass from your teacher

  • When in line keep your hands and feet to yourself

Lunch Lines



  • Throw all trash in the appropriate trash can

  • If you fail to throw your own trash away, you may be assigned clean-up or detention

  • If an adult asks you to pick up trash, pick it up even if it is not yours; follow the SURGE Standard at all times during lunch!

  • Recycle!


  • You must stay in the lunch court area at all times; you may use the tables by room 10, 11 and 12 but will not be permitted beyond room 12 without a pass

  • You may leave the lunch area ONLY with a pass from your teacher

  • If you need to use the restroom, you may use the hallway by room 10 only

  • Only the restrooms in the English building are open during lunch

  • The basketball courts will be open 15 min. into the lunch period. Once you are there, you stay there.

  • Be safe, no running and keep your hands to yourself during lunchtime at all times

  • If you need to see a teacher during lunchtime, obtain a pass- you must have a pass to leave the lunch court!

  • This includes going to the library when it is open for lunchtime.

  • The Counseling Center is usually open to eat and socialize during lunch, however you may not walk beyond the CC.


Your belongings

  • You are responsible for your belongings at all times during lunch. iMiddle is not responsible for lost or stolen items

  • This includes your NETBOOKS AND IPADS- they should not leave your sight during lunch unless you have arranged a trusted friend to watch it. Netbooks/Ipadsmay be taken if you are careless during lunch

  • Phones and iPods are not permitted during lunchtime


Your Belongings

No lunch pin your lunch pin does not work no money
No Lunch Pin? Your Lunch Pin Does not Work? No Money? lunch.

  • Let an iMiddle staff member know during the lunch periodthat you need help

  • We do not want any student to go without a lunch!

Fun fridays

Fun Fridays!

Final reminder

GET your PIN other fun snacksready to use before leaving for lunch today

Pick up your own trash

Do not buy food for others!

Be responsible for your belongings

No play fighting!

Report bullying if you see it!

Get a pass if you need to go to a classroom

Use the restroom during lunchtime!

All school rules apply during lunchtime!

Final Reminder