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Display Devices

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Display Devices. Group 3 Topic 2 IM2044 Usability engineering . 0422902 Hasuk Kerai 0409543 Ismael Ali. Types Of Display Devices. CRT (cathode ray tube) LCD (liquid Crystal display) Projector (light & LCD) Plasma (Gas Technology). Future Devices. Digital Paper

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display devices

Display Devices

Group 3

Topic 2


Usability engineering

0422902 Hasuk Kerai

0409543 Ismael Ali

types of display devices
Types Of Display Devices
  • CRT (cathode ray tube)
  • LCD (liquid Crystal display)
  • Projector (light & LCD)
  • Plasma (Gas Technology)
future devices
Future Devices

Digital Paper

Technology which is still in its primary stages and is rapidly developing.

  • thin flexible sheets
  • updated electronically
  • but retain display
  • small spheres turned
  • or channels with coloured liquidand contrasting spheres




where they are used
Where they are used

Large Displays for :

  • Schools
  • Organisations
  • Lecture and presentation halls
  • Advertising Screens
  • Home

Small displays for every day devices

  • Touch screens
  • pocket devices

when using a display devices for advertisements the location is always a crucial factor in the meaning of information or interaction solely depending largely on the location.

health issues
Health Issues

Two main issues:

  • Eye Strain
    • The most common symptoms of CVS include: eyestrain or eye fatigue, dry eyes, burning eyes, light sensitivity, blurred vision, headaches and pain in the shoulders, neck or back.
  • Radiation
    • Computer monitors generally emit an extremely low frequency field, called ELF (Electro Magnetic Frequency), this may lead to cancer.
health precautions
Health Precautions
  • Do not sit too close to the screen.
  • Do not use very small fonts.
  • Take frequent breaks from the screen.
  • Do not allow excess light on the screen and work in well-lit surroundings.
  • Take extra care if pregnant, also posture position, ergonomics, stressful environments.
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