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Aviary by Zoe Cosato

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Aviary by Zoe Cosato - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on by Zoe Cosato. has:. Vector Editor Effects Editor Image Markup Music Creator Audio Editor Advanced Image Editor. Vector Editor. Vector Editor is used for anything from illustrations to logo making.

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Presentation Transcript

by Zoe Cosato

slide2 has:

  • Vector Editor
  • Effects Editor
  • Image Markup
  • Music Creator
  • Audio Editor
  • Advanced Image Editor

Vector Editor

Vector Editor is used for anything from illustrations to logo making


Effects Editor is used to do, well, nothing else that you’ve ever seen a computer program really do.

You take an effect (as many of them as you want) and a picture (or more than one) and such and map them together until you get the desired effect of it.

~Effects Editor~


Used to crop, resize, or markup images and web pages

Awesome for designers and bloggers

Image Markup


You can make your own ringtones or sound effects……Or you can import them to Aviary's Myna to make them a full length tune!

Has a range of instruments that are awesome for creating your own loops and beats!

Music Creator


Apply Sound effects & record your own voice or instruments too!

Has professional studio sound, but it’s in a cloud!

Remix music tracks, audio clips, or you own Roc beats!

Audio Editor


Advanced Image Editor


Regular Image Editor

Are available for any one to use,

But you can only save your

Work on it as long as you have an account, it is used to do regular picture editing


Vector Editor is also refered to as Raven

Effects Editor is also Refered to as Peacock

Image Markup is also referred to as Falcon

Music Creator is also referred to as Roc

Audio Editor is also referred to as Myna

Advanced Image Editor is also referred to as Phoenix









Want to learn how to use it all at an expert level?

Follow the link that has all sorts of tutorials of everything you can think of at

Hope you have a while to learn it all!


How to use Raven/Vector:

You can open samples to see how they were made, it might help to inspire you or help take down the initial confusion Curves&singlepageview=1 Will help with basics of editing in Raven

Play around with it, Raven is like when you just start photo editing, no tutorial will really help it make complete sense


How to use peacock:

Upload picture(s)

Add effect(s)

Connect effect(s) and/or picture(s) until you get desired look

Save and enjoy your awesome creation!


How to use Falcon/Image Markup

Get Aviary’s Talon (talon is a program that alows you to use image markup)

Then you can screen grab and edit from there!


How to use Roc/Music Creator

Open and click on circles of selected sound

You can change the sounds by clicking change sounds and selecting sounds and dragging it to the line

Save and enjoy!


How to use Myna/Audio Editor

1.Open and agree to terms of use

2. Select category, CD, etc.

3. Then drag selected sound to chosen track placement and timing

4. Save and enjoy your music!


How to use Image Editor:

Open and upload desired image

Edit until desired look is achieved

Save and enjoy your creation!


This has been

By Zoe Cosato