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Asthmatic Remedies in Homoeopathy PowerPoint Presentation
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Asthmatic Remedies in Homoeopathy

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Asthmatic Remedies in Homoeopathy
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Asthmatic Remedies in Homoeopathy

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  1. Asthmatic Remedies in Homoeopathy

  2. Asthma is already a recurring ailment which has been considered as one of the most common especially to young kids. Since they are normally curable, they are oftentimes disregarded with fever or flu. But like flu and fevers which, if not cured immediately, can be acute. Asthma can also be chronic depending on the history of the patient as it can also be genetic.

  3. In Asthma, the bronchial tubes narrow which makes it harder to breathe. Patients may have complaints of short of breathe and may also experience tightening of the chest, coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath.

  4. Running, biking and any tedious activity can cause asthma attack. Dust and other small particles can also cause asthma reactions. Asthma is also often associated with allergies and other same diseases.

  5. Homeopathy has also proved to cure asthma or prevent it from happening. The kind of treatment depends on the status of the asthma patient. According to experts, the kind of treatment should be appropriate to on the individual’s personality.

  6. The Peterson Group, provider of free, unbiased health information on integrative, complementary and alternative medicines, has listed some of the most common types of homeopathic treatment for asthmatic patients.

  7. Aconitum This remedy is useful at the beginning stages of onset of asthmatic breathing. Noticeably present is anxiety, fear, and restlessness with the asthma

  8. Arsenicum Restlessness and anxiety are prominent with asthmatic children who need this remedy. As the asthma continues, they get more and more frightened and agitated.

  9. Their symptoms are worse from midnight to 2 a.m., and they will toss and turn in bed, unable to find a comfortable position. Their breathing is best when sitting erect. Despite their restlessness, they are tired and weak. They are very chilly and better by warmth. They are noticeably thirsty but for only sips of water at a time.

  10. Chamomilla Chamomilla is one of the most famous homeopathic treatments used to calm the nerves down, enabling the breathing to be stabilized. This medicine is mostly famous in Jakarta, Indonesia which is also used for Spa purposes as well as in Bangkok, Thailand.

  11. Lobelia This remedy is known for curing asthmatic breathing concurrent with nausea and vomiting. These children usually have prickling sensations, even on the fingers and toes that precedes the asthma. The asthma is aggravated by exposure to cold. The child may feel weakness in the pit of the stomach and a sensation of a lump above the sternum (the chest bone).

  12. The herbs used in these treatments are crushed and concocted with other natural healing medicines. Critics are also questioning the validity of these ingredients as a lot of fraudulent medicines are already circulating across the globe.