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Introduction to Homoeopathy

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Introduction to Homoeopathy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pure Tones of the Heart Strings. Want for your Brother/Sister what you want for yourself ... must be similar to universal truth, pure , chemistry, and nature. ...

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introduction to homoeopathy

Introduction to Homoeopathy

Dr Shuruq Abdur Rahman

HMD, Lic Ac. , CNC, RC

Similar cures Similar

the path home home 0 path y
The Path Home(Home 0 Path Y)

Similar cures Similar

  • About Presenter
  • Search for Truth
  • Treat your Brother/Sister as you want to be treated….Universal Similar /Homoeopathy
  • Universal Medical Community Connection
  • Physician/Patient connection

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shuruq the presenter
Shuruq the Presenter
  • Holistic Medicines….
  • Homoeopathy
  • Acupuncture
  • Nutrition
  • Counselor
  • Ayuvedic
  • Prophets
  • Western Technology

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search for the truth
Search for the Truth

Absolute Universal Order/God

Intent and Knowledge

Physician & Patient Relatio nship


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universal similar cure
Universal Similar(cure)
  • Sky & Sea contain Hydrogen
  • Knowledge and Truth
  • Pure Tones of the Heart Strings
  • Want for your Brother/Sister what you want for yourself

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universal medical community connection
Universal Medical Community Connection




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physician patient connection
Physician/Patient Connection
  • (Knowledge +Trust) Cultivation = Cure

( ) Natural Law =

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summary to introduction
Summary to Introduction
  • Homoeopathy is a universal principle.
  • All human relationships must be similar to universal truth, pure , chemistry, and nature.
  • Cure is balance

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  • Basic Homoeopathy Principles
  • Deciding a Remedy
  • Case Study

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how homoeopathy works
How Homoeopathy Works
  • The Infinitesimal dose
  • Succussion of remedy
  • Finger printing water molecules
  • Similar cures Similar
  • Chose a remedy (totality of symptoms)
  • Dosage
  • Case study

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infinitesimal dose
Infinitesimal dose
  • Mother Tincture= essential oil from Herb/substance
  • Dilution ratio=10 parts water to 1 part oil =1x (using 100 dilution 1c)
  • Dilution continues= 1part above dilution to 10 parts water=2x(100 dilution 2c)
  • Standard Dilutions=3x,6x,12x,30x,200x(3c,6c,etc)
  • Higher Potency (Chronic conditions) 1m, 10m, LM

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  • Dynamics of integrating dilution
  • Vigorously shake while slightly tapping a leather book (Hahnemann original technique).

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finger print of succussion
Finger Print of Succussion
  • The Infinitesimal dose after succussion leaves an imprint of the remedy within the water molecular structure.
  • Actual substance is no longer present at higher potencies.

So how does it cure????

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how does it cure
How does it cure?
  • By artificially stimulating the vital force (biochemical configuration) of the patient which is similar to the symptom presenting in patient.

The Vital Force (brain) aligns to produces chemical configurations similar to symptoms through the fingerprinting of the infinitesimal dose..........Similar cures similar. Example: Poison oak cures Skin rash


Similar cures Similar

How ???

Similar cures Similar

What causes a symptom in its organic

state (IE: Poison Ivy) will cure a symptom picture of similar nature in the infinitesimal dose.

That’s how it work

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samuel hahnemann discovery
Samuel Hahnemann Discovery
  • When a infinitesimal dose was given to a healthy person it ‘Proved’ the remedy.
  • ‘Proving’ a remedy is producing the symptom picture in a healthy person who will be cured by that remedy in a sick person with similar symptoms.
  • Lets briefly introduce Samuel Hahnemann at this junction.

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samuel hahnemann
Samuel Hahnemann
  • The founder of Homoeopathy.
  • He was a MD and Chemist in Germany.
  • Persecuted for his belief traditional methods of the time were useless.
  • Wrote the Organon of Homoeopathic Medicine.
  • His first law reads “Do no Harm.”

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hahnemann s conclusions
Hahnemann’s Conclusions
  • What causes symptoms in a healthy person (proving method) will cure symptoms when used in infinitesimal dose.
  • Chronic illness are genetic predispositions called ‘Miasmas’. (He names three types)
  • Diagnosis: Hierarchy of symptoms (Mental, Generals, Physical, Peculiar.) He compiled a repertory of symptom through the ‘Proving’ method & created the Materia Medica of homoeopathic remedies.
  • Least amount of dosages for optimum results.

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putting it all together
Putting it all together
  • Case Study: Patient presents skin rash; itches on extremities.
  • Mental: Extreme restlessness

General: better with motion/ worse cold damp weather

Physical: skin red swollen/vesicles

Peculiars: Jaws cracking when chewing. Dream of great Exertion.

  • Remedy: Rhus Toxicodendron (Rhus Tox-Poision Ivy)
  • These symptoms are similar to someone exposed to Poision Ivy. In a healthy person given Rhus tox these symptoms develop.
  • What is a Rubric???????
how to diagnosis
How to Diagnosis
  • What is a Rubric?
  • Remember the repertory?
  • Remember totality of symptom picture? (Mental, Generals, Physical. Peculiar)
  • Remember similar cures similar?
  • Answer

When the highest valve of symptoms, presents in a person, is similar to the remedy by matching symptoms to remedy, this is finding the Rubric.

Similar cures Similar

using the repertory
Using the Repertory

IE. In our case all 5 symptoms matches remedy

Rx-Rhus Tox.

Another remedy using the repertory may have 3 symptoms rash, bronchitis, bubbling mucus.


Clearly only one remedy is similar to our patient’s symptom picture. Both remedies are seen in repertory under rash.

This is finding the Rubric. Diagnostic Principle

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basics of dosage
Basics of Dosage***
  • Low potencies: for acute physical conditions
  • Children and animals 3x, 6x(C)
  • Middle potency: long standing physical, emotional and mental symptoms 30x, 200x (C)
  • Miasmas and chronic disorders are of the highest potency 1m, 10m, LM
  • **These potencies have been generalized for the purpose of conceptualization of treatment.

Similar cures Similar

case study
Case Study
  • Patient presents: Skin Rash for 1 year, yet when they were young had skin rashes in cold damp weather. Tends to be sad except when busy. Frequently has sprains, and joint problems:
  • 1 Find the Rubric? The most similar remedy.

2.Use the Repertory:Mental:Sad except when busy

General: rash in cold damp weather

Physical: frequent sprains

3. Choose the Remedy most similar in symptoms.

4. Choose dosage and frequency

5. Important Rule: Least dosage is best always.

6. Remedy most similar: Rhus Tox

summary of diagnosis
Summary of diagnosis
  • Totality of signs and symptoms
  • Taking the Case: Rubric (mental, generals...)
  • Using the Repertory of Symptoms
  • Evaluating dosage
  • Determine Miasmas, Personality type,
  • (This is an advance lecture of homeopathy)

Similar cures Similar

  • Homoeopathy is a Universal Law.
  • Similar cures Similar is seen in nature.
  • Proving a new remedy causes no harm.
  • Hahnemann is similar to Hippocrates.
  • The Organon, Materia Medica, and

Repertory is a complete system on medicine.

Similar cures Similar

shuruq s conclusion
Shuruq’s Conclusion...
  • The most infinitesimal ‘dose’ law...
  • The most similar law to human nature...
  • The most complete system of cure....
  • God, His Love, and The Great Books He sent through the Prophets .

Similar cures Similar

  • Homoeopathy: Similar cures similar
  • Infinitesimal Dose: Dilution 3x, 6x,.....
  • Fingerprinting: Change water molecule
  • Rubric Taking the case Mental, General..
  • Repertory: List of symptoms/remedy
  • Miasmas: Genetic predisposition
  • Material Medica: Remedy

Similar cures Similar

  • Samuel Hahnemann founded Homoeopathy
  • What causes symptoms in an organic state of healthy person will be cured by infinitesimal dose of the remedy.

Similar cures Similar

where to get more information
Where to Get More Information
  • The British Institute of Homoeopathy

Founder Dr. Trevor Cook

Dr. Shuruq Abdur Rahman

This Lecture has been prepared for the

Islamic Global Health Network (IGHNet)


Any one interest in the lecture must get permission from the Author.

Thanks to Dr. Abdullatif Husseini PhD